Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gone to Print

I have finished the digital copy of my sketchbook journal from my Italy trip.  The link above should allow you to preview the book.  They are $100, and the shipping is free if you are interested.  The book has a leather cover, 40 pages, most of my paintings from the journal, lots of my photos, and a few new paintings.  I think it turned out really well.  It was a great trip, and the book records the places we visited, and the memories we made as a group....a wonderful keepsake.  Just get in touch with me if you are interested.  Thanks!  Gail Shelton      Pea Patch Gallery  318-628-3560

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gone Wild

A cross between a horse and a zebra...a zorse!

I went with my daughter and my two grandchildren to a safari
park near our home today.  It was such a fun experience...for the kids
and for us.  They had a wide variety of animals, and we were
able to feed them as they came close to the bus we were riding in.
Got some funny photos too...lots of fun.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Change of Heart

Finished another little watercolor of a
Louisiana subject...a great egret perched on a
stump in the swamp.

There was a time when I wouldn't have ever painted
something like this.  When I first moved to Louisiana from
Texas, I painted and drew the local landmarks and I did
a lot of wildlife, mostly ducks and deer.  I thought the
"white bird in the swamp" was a little cliche'...a LOT of
artists in Louisiana did that kind of painting.  I believed they
did not need one more.  I did not want to do such an over-worked
subject, and felt I had nothing to add.  Over the years, I have grown to
love the swampy parts of this state, and the beautiful birds
that live there.  I have taken numerous swamp tours, and spent lots
of time photographing these graceful birds.  I have done lots of paintings
and drawings of them...and I enjoy doing them.  They do sell well,
and most people who walk into the gallery, are looking for Louisiana subject
matter...often the "white bird in the swamp"!!  So, there will be some more
paintings  like if you like them, great.  If you don't, maybe
they will grow on you.  Just give it a little time!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Back to Louisiana

Did a little "Louisiana" painting tonight...a snowy egret, and a
shrimp boat.  I usually sell these down south at the Louisiana
Marketplace.  It's time to take a few more down there.

I took the photos in south Louisiana awhile back.  I went hunting
the boats...found some around Houma and Bayou Teche.   I still
have a few more photos I like...will try to do them soon.   I have LOTS of
egret photos...I take them all the time.  This one is the smaller
snowy egret...he's a little  fluffier.

Snowy Egret watercolor  10 x 6   $45
Shrimp Boat   10 x 6  $45

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Show Time

Got word today that these two works were accepted into the
Bosque Conservatory juried show.  I am very happy about it....I have
been rejected from the last three shows I entered!  It's gets very
frustrating sometimes.  I know that when you put your work out there,
you open yourself up to scrutiny, and judgement.   And the jury process is
so subjective.  It simply comes down to the juror's preferences, and
what kind of show he or she wants to put together.  But I'm glad
I passed the test this time!  I will share details about the show when
I receive them.  Woohoo!

"Bike Shadows"  Watercolor             " Not So Angry Bird"   Colored Pencil

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Grapes of Joy

I have been growing grapes for awhile, but
I never seem to be able to take any pics of them..
the birds or possums beat me to it!
Anyway, late this afternoon, the light was perfect,
and I managed to take a few...enjoy!

Hot off the Press

When I travel, I always complete a sketchbook journal during
the trip.  It includes pencil sketches, pen and ink drawings,
and watercolor paintings done along the way.  When I get home,
I upload the images in the journal to Shutterfly, and make a digital
copy for the other members of the group to purchase.
I am happy to say that I have completed that copy online, and
they will be ready to order soon!  I have ordered one copy to make sure
everything prints well, and then I will make it available to others.
It is 40 pages, containing most of the original pages plus lots of
my photographs, and several new paintings.  It has a leather
cover, and is 8 x 11.  It will cost $100, and I cover the shipping costs.

Let me know if you would be interested in buying a copy.  I can
take credit cards by phone, or you can use PayPal.
Pea Patch Gallery  318-628-3560   

Link to Shutterfly

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's a Wrap

He was channeling his inner "Dali", and wanted to know when
he could start selling his work!

These boys were really interested in learning how to
paint.  They were so proud of their paintings from today.

These three girls are sisters, and they all got to come to
the art camp. They had fun painting, and were very proud of
their birds and other paintings they finished today.

We finished up the art camp today.  I have to admit that the
preparation and traveling took a toll on me.  I have been retired for
14 years! And I am not used to teaching every day.  But it was also
very rewarding.  These children have very little access to any kind of
art or culture where they live.  They can travel to larger cities in our state,
but go there mainly to shop, eat, or go to the movie.  Most of them were very
appreciative and told me that they learned a lot (even one of the boys!).
Hopefully, they will remember some of the things I taught them
about art, and maybe they will continue to paint a little on their own.
I told them to come and visit me at the gallery this summer, and some said
they would.
Neat experience.

I have been asked to do a presentation on colored pencil for the
60 Art teachers in Lake Charles, Louisiana as part of their inservice
before school starts.  I'll start preparing that now that I am finished
with these children. More on that to come...busy, busy!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Abstract Fun

Another day teaching at the Art Camp.  Today, they did some more
act paintings.  They used some clear wrap layered over the paint,
and then found some shapes in the design.  Their other project involved
masking tape and some wet into wet technique.  They had fun,
and enjoyed dipping their fingers in the abstract world!
One more day tomorrow!