Wednesday, October 1, 2014

T-Shirt with Heart

Started sketching today on my Christmas T-shirt...using
a line from a Christmas hymn.  "O come to my heart, Lord Jesus,
There is room in my heart for you."
Still playing around with the lettering and placement.  Will add some
color soon, and get it shaped up.  I am going to try a different
tshirt printer this time..someone online.  Hope they work out well.
Will keep you posted.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Got a chance to work on this drawing a little more....I think
I have the hair done..yea!  The hands are the next challenge.  I may
have to use a ruler on those guitar strings.  And I am going to make
them dark instead of light.  

This is a house portrait that I have been working on for awhile.  I have
had to make several changes, and add a few things.  I will email her this
photo, and see if she is satisfied.  Hope so!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gratitude and Light

Just some pretty light illuminating the grasses
in the front yard....Fall has such beautiful light...more golden,
more dynamic...stronger.

I get a treat in a couple of weeks of going with my photographer friend
up to Oregon to take pics around the gorge and the forests.  We may even
see some snow!  I have never been, so when she asked me, I said yes.

I have also been going through the Galapagos photos and getting some
of them enlarged on canvas.  They will be stunning...some of the landscapes
were awesome.  I am putting together a small show from the trip.  It will be all
up around the first week in November.  Our annual downtown Christmas Open House
will be the second Thursday from 5-9 pm.

I have also been selected to be the featured artist and speaker at the
LAEA (Louisiana Art Educator's Assoc) convention this fall, later
in November.  I will have an exhibit at the Alexandria Museum of Art, and
teach a workshop for the educators, on using colored pencil in the classroom.
I am very honored and grateful for this recognition. Should be a lot of fun.

Lots of busy times ahead...a lot to be thankful for, to reflect on, and to
capture in pencil, paint, and film...the life of an artist is so

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Time for Pressure!

Painted signs for an upcoming wedding...just the lettering

House portrait...Baton Rouge

I am soooo busy trying to make a dent in these commissions I have
piled up.  The house portrait is almost done.  I just have to do the watercolor
painting.  I am waiting on the client to let me know some more
info on certain parts.
I was asked to do the lettering on these boards just yesterday...they need them
this Thursday! So, I got those done this afternoon.  I still have at least four
houses to do.  I also finished up a portrait for someone this week.
I am trying to stay focused to meet all the deadlines.  At least I work well
under pressure!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Galapagos Book Ready

I have been trying to finish up the Galapagos Photo Book, and I think
I am done.  I have ordered a copy for myself to make sure everything looks
good.  It will be here next Monday.  If it all looks ok, I can order the rest for the
travelers who are interested.
If you would like a copy, they are $100.00, payable to me.  The books are 43 pages,
and include most of my sketches from the original book, and lots of photography and text.
It will be a treasured momento from the trip.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Colored Pencil This and That

I haven't had a chance to draw very much; I have had lots of company,
and have spent most weekends with my daughter and that cute
grandbaby!  But I made a little progress on this...still trying to figure out
how to do that hair?

I received some good news about this crazy piece again...
it was a finalist in the Animal Category of the Artist's
Magazine Annual Competition this year.
It will not be printed in the magazine, just my name.
But that's something I guess!

And I am still trying to get these in a show.  I entered them
both in the American Artist's Professional League show in
New York.  I will be notified of acceptance (or not!) later this
month.  Will keep my fingers crossed.

I am taking in some commission pieces now for
Christmas.  If you are interested in a house portrait,
children's portrait, or pet portrait, please let me know
asap.  There is still plenty of time.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Brides and Babies

Finished this name canvas, and got it delivered to the customer.  She
was pleased.  I hope the mother-to-be likes it too!

I also had to do something for a bride-to-be as well.
I painted the hydrangeas. leaves, and colored in the parts
of the design that were already printed on the
invitation.  This is a gift from my niece for the bride,
one of her friends.  I hope she likes it too!

It's All in a Name

Trying to get this little tri-canvas project done today.
It is a gift for a baby shower this weekend, commissioned by a
client.  I like the soft colors, and her long name will be
stretched across all 3.  I will seal it all, and add hangers on the back.
And it will be ready to go!

If you would like something similar, or want a custom painted
treasure..just let me know.  I can design something for you!

Tri-Canvas Name: $60.00

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Face in the Crowd

Making a little more progress....still needs work on the face.
Will keep going...when I have time!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Art of a Child

I didn't get much of a chance to work on this drawing...the main reason is in the
following photos!  I am thinking of doing this one a little more loose...a more
unfinished style.  I am back home now, and will get more chances to draw.

I have been down to babysit this little one over the weekend.  This was a really
rainy day, and we just got to look outside...not go outside.

I got to be creative with her hair!

It was fun to make her smile.  Little Clara Grace is such a blessing and
a delight.  I enjoyed the weekend, but I remember why God gives them to
young people!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing to Dread

This is one of the interesting people I photographed during the Ecuador
trip.  He was at the market in Otovalo, playing the pan flute and
strumming his guitar.  His dreadlocks were very interesting, and I liked
the shadows on his white shirt, etc.  I also like the composition.
But I knew it would be a little bit challenging to draw.

I started on it.  This is Mi-Tientes drawing paper.  It comes in a variety
of colors.  This is a sandstone color.  When using colored paper,
you have to put down a whole lot of white pencil first.  Otherwise, the colors
will not be bright enough.  So, this is the first step; I am layering some white
colored pencil on the paper, paying attention to the highlights.  I printed
the photo in b & w also, to help define those values.  It should be fun!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sally the Crab

Sally Lightfoot

Finished this crab watercolor!  It was so fun!  I LOVE the primary color scheme...
red, blue, and yellow.  Do you think God was thinking about that when He
made them?  This is a mature crab; we saw lots of them.  The immature ones were
very dark...grey or black with lots of spots.  They don't get this bright coloring till
they are full grown.  They were stunning.  And they were very
entertaining to watch...tiptoeing (is that a word?) across the sand or lava.
I went ahead and left the background white, because I wanted that nice blue
shadow underneath.  I also added some colored pencil on several areas to
add some texture.
It is about 22 x 13, and is for sale.  $200
 It will be on display up at the gallery after I get it matted.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Louisiana Pecan Festival Poster Time

I got some fun exciting news today.  This is my entry for the Louisiana
Pecan Festival poster from last year.  I didn't do a new design this
year.  But they called , and said they wanted to use this
design for this year's poster. yea!  But I do have to change the date to
2014.  As soon as that is done, it is off to the Pecan Festival office in Colfax.

They will print them, and I will have to go down there and sign all of
them.  They will be on sale during the festival which is the first
weekend in November.  Why not plan to go, eat some pecan pie,
buy a poster, and jam to some music!

I am still working on the digital copy of the Galapagos book.  I am
about a third of the way through.  It is looking pretty good.
Will keep you posted.

And...anyone interested in going with me to Germany,
Switzerland, and Austria next summer...there are only 5 spots
left!  So, if you want to go, hurry and sign up to reserve a spot.
just sayin....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling Crabby

Sally Lightfoot Crab

I started a watercolor of one of these crabs.  (I don't know
why it uploaded sideways?!)  Anyway, these are the
initial washes...just a light, thin, glaze of color on the white paper.

Starting to add some of the details and the darks, and building up
the layers.  This is where the illusion of shadows is added (value), and he
starts to take shape.  Will keep working on him.

Monday, August 18, 2014

In Flight

This is the finished watercolor of the pelican.  

Here it is with the masking fluid on it.  It coats the painted part and allows
for the wet, loose background to be painted freely.  Once it was dry, I wet the
background with clear water.  

Here it is with the wet paint washed across it.  I sprinkled some salt
on a couple of areas.  The salt soaks up the pigment, and leaves some interesting
little sparkles in the wash.  Once dry, the masking fluid rolls off, a lot like
rubber cement.  I will mat it, and it will be at the gallery.
It is for sale, $150.  It is 21 x 13.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Painted Pelican

Finally getting to paint some Galapagos subjects..yea!  I had
some great pics of a brown pelican, so I decided to start there.
These birds live along the coast in Louisiana; in fact, they are our
state bird.  They were endangered at one time, but they have made a
strong comeback.  They were recently affected by the BP oil spill, and several
oil laden pelicans made the news.  We may not ever know the full effects of
the oil spill.  But I am glad to see these guys healthy and flying around when
I visit down south...either here or in the Galapagos islands!

I will add a background to this watercolor.  I am going to cover up this bird with
the masking fluid that will protect it.  Then I will paint the whole background
in a looser style.  Once dry, I will remove the masking fluid, and add any needed
details.  Here I go!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint All Around

I was captivated in the islands by the interesting landscape....
the black lava rock with the white bird "graffiti" decorating it.
Here is a little watercolor of a blue footed boobie perched atop some
lava formation, dripping with the white shapes.  It is about 9 x 12, and is

Painting Class...with Chalk Paint

Molly Hunt came today and taught a painting class in the
studio.  She and her daughter sell this kind of paint in a booth
in my store, and they offer classes on how to use it.  She
had just 3 students today, but she is planning to teach more
classes soon, including next Saturday, the 23rd.

This is a sample of what they painted today.  They used some
 different waxes, and some gold leaf to get
different effects.  It looked like fun!

Some of their supplies.  The class on the 23rd is at 10 am, $75.00, and all supplies
are included.  You can call the gallery if you might be interested.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Here is the finished house portrait.  I painted it with watercolor....putting
in those bright pinks and pale greens, along with the grey
shadows on the roof and the house.
I hope they will be pleased with it.  I will mat it tomorrow and let
them know it is ready.

I started a watercolor of a blue footed booby tonight.  Will post in the
House Portraits: 11 x 14  $150

Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Grandmother's House We Go

Had a chance late last night to finish up the ink drawing of
this house.  I will go ahead now and paint it with watercolor.
The house itself is not very colorful...just white with dark green shutters.
The mass of bushes out front are all azaleas, and they are bright
pink.  There will be lots of shades of green: light greyish green in the
background, dark green foliage on the bushes, and a medium
green on the grassy lawn.  I will post again after it is painted.

For info on house portraits (great Christmas gifts for the person
who has everything!), email me or call the gallery.  Very reasonable,
and there is still plenty of time.  Let me know if you would be
interested.  Thanks!
Pea Patch Gallery  318-628-3560

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's All About Me...Ha!

In Quito, at the top of the mountain

Painting in the market 

Can you see me in the lava rocks...sketching?

This is our "Cormorant" group from the boat

This is for all of you that say you never see me in the photos!
I was just able to see my daughter's pictures, and all of these were on
her camera.  I don't get to see myself painting or sketching,
so it is fun for me too.I look really serious in some of
them...I guess I was concentrating.
I really like the one in the lava rocks.  We had finished snorkeling,
and I had brought my book along.  So, I sat in the rocks and
sketched the scenery.I still have on my wet suit, so I blend in.
I didn't know she had taken this one.
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing me at work... on
the book.  

I just received a new scanner, and I am beginning to scan and work
on the pages.  Will keep you posted on the progress.