Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Windows on the World

Window with Cowboy boot photo

Arch de Triomphe window

Got these windows done today.  I decided to put the boot photo on this plane
glass window.  It didn't fit in the vertical one.  And the Paris one is just right
in this large white window.  I may add some words or other images, or some
collaged paper...will have to look at them awhile.  Sometimes they will "speak" to
me and give me ideas about what is still needed.  (is that wierd?!) 

Anyway, I am going to try to save these to sell in Dallas next January in
my wholesale cash and carry booth.  I will also be taking the printed bags,
coasters, notecards, and all the scripture photos.  I hope it won't be too
hodge-podgey...I will have to try to pull it all together, or at least group it
for display.  We'll see!  Depends on how much I can get done between now and
then.  I have coasters ordered, new scripture photos on the way, and some
more notecards in the works.  They should all be here this week. 
Retail store owners will be able to buy and take with them, or place orders
for shipment later.  I will be in the vintage/handmade area in the Cash and Carry
section during the January Dallas Gift and Decorative Wholesale Market.
very exciting!

I leave in the morning for Covington, KY and the CPSA convention.
It will be fun to visit a new area....I have never been to Ohio or Kentucky.
Will try to post while there!


Get Back on the Horse

When I worked on the fishing label frame the other day, I got
all my vintage junk out...in view.  Now I want to use some more of
it while it is convenient!
I have a window with two long panes of glass still
intact in the center of the window.  It calls for a long vertical
image.  And since I am going to be selling some of these
in Texas, I thought it needed to be a "cowboy" theme.  I found
this photo I had taken while in Dubois last year at the Susan K.
Black foundation workshop.  perfect.  So I printed it tonight,
and tomorrow I will work on getting it on the window.
(which has to be washed off, cleaned up, and dried).
At least one more window ( and some of the other "junk"
will be out of the way, and made into something great!)

Don't forget about the 20th anniversary Art Show...
not too late to bring something

Come in Friday to register for the Tiger Print
giveaway for First Friday!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Images of London

A couple of years ago, I got to go to London for the Go Ahead Tours Group Coordinator Convention. I had a great time meeting other group leaders, and sharing experiences from past trips.  And of course, I got to take some photos, and do some painting.  These are some of my favorite images that I put together in this square format.  There is the iconic phone booth, the cute black taxi, the huge London Eye, and of course, Big Ben. 
I have been enjoying getting to see some of the London sites during the Olympic coverage.  It is truly an awesome city, with so much history and beautiful architecture.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Start to the Show

The finished fish frame with the lure...she picked it up today, and loved it!

I started hanging some of the student art show today....

...here's some more...

and this is some of the work from my adult workshops...

A horse in watercolor

These two pieces are from two art teachers down in Alexandria.  They have taken
my workshops, and they wanted to be included.  The angel is a collage
and painting collaboration, and the medallion is watercolor.

a nice little zebra watercolor

Some more student work...the large ballerina drawing hangs in my daughter's old
bedroom.  I bought it from Heath Poole who was a student of mine that
graduated in 1989.  He is an art director for an advertising company in
Monroe, LA.

I got started hanging the anniversary show today.  I hope to have some more
pieces come in soon.  I have saved some room for them!  It will be a nice
show...hope to have it all done by Wednesday when I leave for the Colored
Pencil convention.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Olympia, the site of the original Olympic flame

As I sit here watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics
in London, my mind wandered back to my visit to Greece. 
We toured the original site of the first Olympics, and saw where
the Olympic flame originates.  What an amazing tradition that
is still continuing today...what a great coming together of the
world...what great moments await us as the athletes compete
in the next few days.  I feel extremely blessed to have visited
Olympia, and to have the opportunity to watch these amazing
games...let them begin!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birds, Fish, and a Tiger

Blue Heron photo, framed and ready for pick up

Seafood label with weathered wood frame

Added hook?

Or add a lure?

Tiger Print to be given away next Friday

This is a very eclectic blog post.  I usually try to have a theme, or at least limit
the post to some related pieces.  But I had all these images on my camera today,
and decided to post them all.
1. Blue Heron   I sold this photograph last week, and I finished framing it today.
It is one of the photos I took in the swamp last spring while on the swamp tour on Lake Martin.

2.  Fishing box label:  A friend wanted me to do something with this label for her son.
I had the beaded board with some of the chipped green paint, so I made the
wooden border.  She is coming to look at it tomorrow, and will decide if it needs
the hook and /or the old lure.  I just thought it needed something else.

3.  And the Tiger Print:  Our town in starting a new local business promotion next week
called "Local Business First Fridays".  Each first Friday of the month, all the
participating businesses will do something special in their store for the
customers...sales, special discounts, giveaways, etc.  We have decided to
give this tiger print away.  You have to come in the store to register on that
Friday (once per customer), and your name will go in the hat.  We will draw
out a winning name at 5:00 on Friday afternoon., and will call the winner!
The framed print is 16 x 20, and it is a print of the recent colored pencil drawing
that I drew of Mike the Tiger from LSU, swimming in his compound.  The original
drawing is currently in Kentucky, and will be in the CPSA exhibit that will open
next Saturday night. 

So, there is part of what I did today.  I hope some of you can make it by
next Friday to take a chance on the tiger print.  I would love for
a blog follower to win!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colored Pencil Explorations

We had some fun with our colored pencil class today. 
We combined the pencils with some ink and some
watercolor.  I had them draw their subject, the toucan,
on some watercolor paper in pencil.  Then we did the
black sections with waterproof ink.  Next they used their pencils
to color in the beak and eye.  And then we used the
watercolor in the background.  They did so well, they had time
to do a second one.  They were very proud of their little work of art.
They are deciding which piece they would like to enter in
our 20th anniversary show next month!

20th Anniversary Student Art Show
Pea Patch Gallery  August -September 2012
Opening Reception  Thursday Sept 6  5-7pm

Preparing for Colored Pencil

I am getting ready to do a lot with my colored pencils!
Tomorrow I will teach a colored pencil class to some children
at the studio in the Pea Patch.  There are still a couple of spots
if anyone is still interested:
 3-5 pm Colored Pencil Explorations
Ages 10 and up  $20  Supplies Included
Tonight I tried to get some of my pencils organized, in the cups
by color.  And we will also use some pastels with their pencils.

And then next week, I will be attending the Colored Pencil Society
annual convention in Covington, Kentucky.  I will be the student
this time, taking a workshop with John Ursillo, whose work is
above.  We are going to be doing some drawing on canvas, which is
really different for colored pencils (usually done on paper). 

So, I will teach tomorrow, and then next week, I will be taught!
fun, fun...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the Sunshine In

sunflower still life set-up 

The sunshine was really beautiful late this afternoon, and
I had been thinking about setting up some still life
subjects for future reference.  I set up this bench, vase of
sunflowers and bowl of apples.  I moved around for some
different views, and as you can see, I had some help from
two of my assistants.  I may do this in watercolor or
colored pencil.  For right now, it will go in the still life
photo file!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stronger in Hot Water

Still working on some products: I found a company to do
some coasters for me.  The top two designs are headed
to them.  And the notepad designs are being worked on by
a local company.  Hopefully I will have some merchandise
soon.  The teacup design bag is in the works and I am waiting
to ok the proof.  Anyway I am learning a great deal and
trying to stay focused! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Birds...One Print

Add caption

A customer wanted this scripture on a print for her
new home.  I had already done the colored version
and I decided to do another for her to choose from. 
I took both of these pictures in Texas: the top one was
in Fredericksburg and the bottom one was in Boerne.
These are both adorable small towns that have really
capitalized on the tourist market.  They are crammed
full with specialty shops and restaurants and are
consequently also full of shoppers!  I have always wished
my small town could be more like them. 
If you are ever traveling in central Texas...either of these
towns would be worth an afternoon.  Let me know if
you have ever been there or would like to go...sounds
like a road trip to me!

Glory Bee Graphics Prints
12 x 18  $65.00 
Framed  $175.00

Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel Blog Post


I was very excited to be contacted by the Go Ahead Tours
blog again.  They wanted to do a feature story on my trip
to Peru,  and post some of my paintings and photos side by
side.   You can click on the link above to view the post. 
Make a comment or "like" it!  I would love to see some of your

I am getting some artwork in for the Student Art Show in August.
If you need to get something to the gallery, bring it on.  I need
to have it by the end of July. I had two art teachers come by
today who had taken one of my workshops.  They both brought
a piece for the show....  thanks!

An Invitation to Paint

Just finished painting this invitation as a gift for the bride.
I just used the teal colors and added some gold accents.
I will mat it and get it ready to go!

If you receive an invitation, and would like to make it 
into a special gift, just let me know.  I would love to 
decorate it up for you.

Painted Invitations


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Sign of the Times

Me either!

Wall of words

Wall #2

One of my favorites!

We got all these signs in this week, and decided to put them outside on the deck.
They are spread across the back wall.  These are hand painted on recycled tin
recovered from buildings and barns by the company, Blackwater Folk Art, out of
Florida.  I met them at market in Dallas, and they are a really neat family business.
I love the "facebook" sign...so true!  Most of these are $18.99 - $21.99.  They would
make a great gift, from birthday to hostess to secret pal.  Come by and
check them out...I am sure there will be one that will "float your boat"!

We can also ship if you would like to call the gallery and buy one of these cute

Pea Patch Gallery  318-628-3560

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's in the Bag

Jute tote bag

Design submitted for bag

I am still working toward getting my art on some products for the wholesale
market.  I submitted this design today to be printed on those jute tote
bags.  It will be on the lime green one and the design area is 10 x 9 .
We will see how it goes once they receive the art file and do whatever
they have to do to get it on there!  You can tell I am just the artist....all this
technical stuff is a struggle for me.  But I am trying to learn and hopefully
something will be a reality!

I also found a company to do some coasters and trivets.  I will talk to them
some more tomorrow and hopefully upload some designs to them as well.
stay tuned...