Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Back on the Horse

When I worked on the fishing label frame the other day, I got
all my vintage junk out...in view.  Now I want to use some more of
it while it is convenient!
I have a window with two long panes of glass still
intact in the center of the window.  It calls for a long vertical
image.  And since I am going to be selling some of these
in Texas, I thought it needed to be a "cowboy" theme.  I found
this photo I had taken while in Dubois last year at the Susan K.
Black foundation workshop.  perfect.  So I printed it tonight,
and tomorrow I will work on getting it on the window.
(which has to be washed off, cleaned up, and dried).
At least one more window ( and some of the other "junk"
will be out of the way, and made into something great!)

Don't forget about the 20th anniversary Art Show...
not too late to bring something

Come in Friday to register for the Tiger Print
giveaway for First Friday!
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