Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out?

This is Sugar and Bentley, and they are going to make
someone's Christmas very special! I do enjoy drawing
pets for people, especially when the finished product is
a surprise gift.
And I sold another Greece piece is going to be a
Christmas surprise as well. But I can't tell you which
one it was because the recipient reads this blog!
so much fun....
gail shelton art

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's Looking at You, Kid

I have managed to work on this drawing a little
more this weekend. The other dog's eye can be
seen right at the edge...kinda scary! Anyway, this
is the third drawing for this client, and I know she
is anxious to get them all, so I will try to finish it
I haven't had any guesses for the November
give-away. If you email me or leave me a comment,
I may give you a clue!
gail shelton art

"Come ye Thankful people, Come"

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was,
"thank you", that would suffice."
Thinking back over the recent Thanksgiving holiday,
and all my many blessings, I wanted to take just a moment
to reflect. I spent some time outdoors, and these lovely
trees border my patio. The sun was absolutely dancing
among the gold and red leaves, and the dark seed pods
were such a contrast against them. I guess life
is like that as well. There are some great times that we
spend in the light, dancing through our days without a
care. And then there are the days of contrast....when
dark situations enter the picture, and our dancing ceases.
And yet, when you view the picture all
notice that it looks best when both are present.
Many of you know what Thanksgiving holds for me and my
family. It is always a bittersweet day for me. And yet
each year, I recognize that gratitude is God's saving grace
to us all. For gratitude is the only answer to all of life's
hardships...I try to find my way there....daily.
"Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity
into a lovely picture."
Kak Sri
I hope you all had a glorious day, and were able to give
God the gratitude He deserves.
may He bless,

Friday, November 26, 2010

On the Road still...

"The world is a book, and those who do
not travel, read only a page."
St. Augustine
When I got to the gallery this morning, these 3 adorable
vehicles drove up. The merry couples, decked out in warm
coats and scarves, were traveling from College Station in
Texas (boo aggies....) to meet up with an antique car group
out of Houston. There are no heaters in these! and the high
here today is supposed to be 45. I am glad they think this
would be fun! Anyway, they shopped and went on their
way. But I thought the vehicles were so charming, and
real works of art.
gail shelton art

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Sugar" and Sugar Free

Lots going on tonight...I have been working on this drawing
of "Sugar" and "Bentley" together. Haven't gotten too far.
Had to draw in between making the other "work of art" at the
top: a low carb pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow. I am not
used to taking pics of food, so forgive me if it doesn't look like
all the other outstanding photos I see on the cooking blogs!
But I thought I would give it a shot. I found the recipe online,
and because I try to eat a low carb diet (most of the time!) I
wanted to make it so I could eat some tomorrow without so
much guilt!
I hope you all get to have a wonderful time with family and
friends on Thanksgiving day. I know I am thankful for so many
things....including two great customers today who really made
me think what I do is somehow all worthwhile...thanks.
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."
gail shelton art

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

"I would rather see the portrait of a dog I know, than all
the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world."
Samuel Johnson
More dogs to do for someone for Christmas....I thought
I was almost finished...but I am just a sucker..and I won't
turn anyone down. She just brought me this photo, and
I will do it in pencil, after I finish the other three I have to
gail shelton art

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall Color

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and
the less the artist does, the better."
Andre Gide

Just a few views from my studio at home...the leaves are
really beginning to change to beautiful hues. This is such a
lovely time of year, filled with family celebrations, football,
and festive occassions. My heart is saddened however, at the
loss of so many in our community, and the families affected by
sorrow. God is the only source of comfort, and I pray they
will feel His presence even in the changing times and the
changing leaves.
gail shelton art

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blossom Competition

"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one."

I know these images are small...they come from the
Blossom Art Competition from last year. I received my
rejection email this two colored pencil pieces
did not make it into the show. You can visit the site and
see some really beautiful work, and they have a virtual gallery
tour that is neat. Oh well, maybe next year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Art and Music

"A musician must make music, an artist
must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be
ultimately at peace with himself. What one can
be, one must be." Abrahan Maslow

I was down in New Orleans a couple of weeks
ago, and promised to post a couple of the pics of
some of the characters I encountered. Well, here
are 3: one of the street artists, a very accomplished
architectural water colorist; one of the street musicians
and his clarinet; and the bottom one is a combination
artist and musician...that instrument is a work of art,
a collage of sorts...and he made great music on it as well.
There are always a lot of interesting folks around
Jackson Square. I encourage any of you who love to travel,
to make New Orleans a destination. It is trying very
hard to recover from the assorted devastation, and could
use every tourist dollar.
If you need some recommendations, I would
gladly share some travel tips.

Friday, November 19, 2010

glory bee graphics

I have been doing some scripture photos for awhile now, and I have
organized them into their own little business. I call them, "Glory Bee
Graphics". I have been marketing them under this name and I thought
I would post this business card that I use with them. These are some of
the images that I plan to approach a licensing agent with starting in January.
I am trying to add to the collection, and the Yellowstone images are
perfect for some that I have in mind. There will be a whole mountain scenery
collection that include some photos that I took in Utah last February, and
Yellowstone, just recently. But there is also a seashore collection, River of Life
collection, and Let Your Little Light Shine collection, just to name a few.
All of the images are available as 12 x 18 posters, 11 x 14 prints, and 5x7 notecards.
I sold one of these today, and that's what made me think I needed to post some
info about, I haven't drawn or painted a thing today! needed a day off...
more later,

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is "Bentley"...a Brussels Griffon, and he belongs to the
same family that I did the drawing of "Sugar" for (several
posts back). And she also wants a larger drawing of the two of
them together. I will have to start on that tomorrow. But for now,
this one is almost finished.
I did sell some artwork on the night of the Open House. I sold one
of the framed photos of Mykonos, and two watercolors. But there
is still lots of work up, ready to view and to buy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dog Day Tuesday

Started on this little dog's portrait tonight. He is
very comical...and I promise, his eyes really do look like
that! Will keep drawing and should have him done by
tomorrow night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost Done

I've been working on this drawing all night, and it is just about done.
Sometimes they just come together quickly and easily. And then
sometimes, the struggle to capture the likeness is a long process!
That's when I go through a mental and visual checklist:
1. Is it the eyes? Are they the right shape, distance apart, pupil in the
right place, eyelids correct? etc
2. Is it the shape of the face? the right contour? the right size, proportion?
3. What about the nose? too flat? too big?? too small?
4. Mouth? slight smile? open or closed? lips need to be thinner or thicker?
5. Hair/Head right shape, value, outline
Anyway, there is a lot that goes into one of these portraits. My daughter and
husband are good sounding boards. They can almost always pinpoint what it
is that is not quite right. And if something is not quite right, it will not look like
them. Everything has to be perfect. And sometimes, perfection takes a long time.
But not tonight! Maybe it has something to do with how cute she is!

Baby Commission

I am still working on these Christmas gift
commissions for clients. This precious one will
be next. I have started, but not very far along.
Should have more to show tomorrow.
Hope you had a peaceful, worshipful, and relaxed
Sunday. It is raining here, and we are grateful!
It is also a little cooler, but afterall, it is November.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Just a few pics right before the Open House crowds descended
upon us. That's two shots of the gallery itself, then a couple of
garden merchandise displays, and then some Christmas items,
(candles, room spray, napkins, tray...). We had a great time during
the Open House. It has become a real social event for the town;
people come back home to visit with family and shop together,
out of town visitors get to see the best of our shops, and all the
shop owners get to really showcase their wares.
If you didn't make it this year, there is always next year! It is always
the second Thursday in November, from 5-9 in the evening.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Canyon of the Yellowstone

Here are a few more Yellowstone pics. You've probably
seen this shot on many a postcard. It was exciting to get to
see it in person. And the sun was out! The picture with the
rushing water is above the falls, and the one of me on the
bridge is there, too. You drive across this river and then on
beside it, and pull up at the end of the road. You get out and
walk to "Artist's Point", and look back, and you see the
lower falls (that's what they call them). Anyway, it was a
beautiful site. The two of us were there, one other couple,
and a gentleman...all with our cameras. We all took some,
and then I offered to take the couple's picture together. I knew
from their accent they were not American...they were from
Russia! How cool...
I will be printing up some large prints of some of these to sell
in the shop. Should turn out beautifully.
We did real well at the Open House last night. will have to
upload the pics...tomorrow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Portrait of Joe

I have several (lots, really!) of commissions to do for
people before Christmas. This is one I have been working
on now for a couple of nights. It is about finished.
I taught with this man at the high school for many years,
and he is a good guy. His wife wanted a drawing of him.
Next to this portrait on the left, is another sketch of him
in his yard. I suggested the montage when she had so many
pics of him and couldn't decide. I hope she will like it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling Blue

Someone said something to me about the misty pictures the other day.
So I thought I'd better post some "happier" ones. As I looked through
them, this bright blue kept jumping out at me, and since it is my favorite
color, and since the whole Greek art show is blue, and our Christmas
tree in the gallery is decorated in blue...well, you get the idea. So, here,
enjoy these beautiful scenes with their bright blue colors in common. And
I usually do tweak the colors and contrast, but I promise, I didn't even
touch these. It really was that blue!
Thanks for all the heartfelt comments about Raelene. I still can't
believe the whole thing; it will take some time to sink in. Many of you
have asked about her photography. Most of it is in her studio, and I
do not know what her husband will want to do. If and when I hear from
him, I will let you know. I don't know if he will want to sell any of it or's a hard call. Her booth in the shop is still open, and will be until
I hear otherwise.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been Buffaloed

I guess the most iconic image of Yellowstone
has to be the buffalo. I have seen some before,
but they have all been in captivity. These were
my first "wild" buffalo. And of course, we were
so excited at the first ones we saw up really close, right
next to road. But they were far from wild....I guess they
are so used to cameras and humans. They barely even
glanced our way, and rambled right in front of the car.
But I have seen the videos of those who chose to get
too close to one of these massive beasts, and I assure
you, I wasn't going to be on the next U-tube must-see
video! I kept my distance, and used my zoom lens.
These are just a couple of my favorite shots.

Tribute to a Friend

I am saddended today at the loss of a friend. She
left us way too soon, and much too quickly, just
I knew her for years as a fellow teacher, and she
has had a booth in my business for many years where
she sold crafts, specialty gifts, and her wonderful
photography. She was not an easy person to know;
at times, cynical and brutally honest. But she was
fiercely loyal to those she liked, and somehow, I fell
into that catagory. She made me laugh, made me think,
inspired me, and annoyed me all at the same time. Those
of you who knew her know exactly what I mean! But
she will be missed so much; by her husband and son, her
students, her church, the community, and by me. We
all admired her booth today, and shed some tears and
shared some laughs. Life is just too short. Go and smell
some roses tomorrow.
Photograph by
Raelene Pell

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yellowstone in the Mist

To say that it was foggy in Yellowstone, especially in
the mornings, would be a vast understatement. We
left each day fairly early and drove to the park, and on
our way, it was very misty and foggy. I realized that because
it was cold, about 31 degrees, and the ground was warm from
all the geysers, etc, vapor prevailed. It did add to what we
affectionately called, "a mood shot". Here are a few. I thought
they would be appropriate for a sleepy Sunday in November,
and the approaching winter season.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

duck, duck. goose

I love to draw and paint birds, and have done it for years.
I had the opportunity to see lots of waterfowl while in the
park. These are just a few of my favorites. They would all
make great drawings or paintings. Will have to put them
on the list.