Friday, November 12, 2010

Canyon of the Yellowstone

Here are a few more Yellowstone pics. You've probably
seen this shot on many a postcard. It was exciting to get to
see it in person. And the sun was out! The picture with the
rushing water is above the falls, and the one of me on the
bridge is there, too. You drive across this river and then on
beside it, and pull up at the end of the road. You get out and
walk to "Artist's Point", and look back, and you see the
lower falls (that's what they call them). Anyway, it was a
beautiful site. The two of us were there, one other couple,
and a gentleman...all with our cameras. We all took some,
and then I offered to take the couple's picture together. I knew
from their accent they were not American...they were from
Russia! How cool...
I will be printing up some large prints of some of these to sell
in the shop. Should turn out beautifully.
We did real well at the Open House last night. will have to
upload the pics...tomorrow.
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