Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunset Summer

We have been blessed recently with some

much needed rain. The rain clouds often help

make the sunset much more interesting.

Last night was no exception. I took several

photos from different angles because the

clouds were really breathtaking. What

doesn't show in the picture, and was also

so neat, was a whole layer of fog rising from

the pasture. The fresh rain created it, and

as dusk approached, the mist began to rise

over the rich, green fields and creep up the

hills. I used every setting on my camera,

but it still didn't capture what I could see

before me. I guess there is still no substitute

for the real thing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pecan Festival Poster Revisited

After I got home tonight, I decided this
thing needed some tweaking. So I added
the small pecan and leaf motifs, and the
stripes. I also added some sketchy ink
lines around everything...making it looser.
I don't know if I improved it or not...but
I at least filled up some of the blank space!

Final Pecan

I just finished putting the finishing

touches on this poster entry for the

Louisiana Pecan Festival. I will have

to take it down to Colfax on Monday.

I may do another version over the

weekend if I have time.

Off to work!

Louisiana Pecan Festival Poster

Pecan Festival 1st weekend in November

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ShadowBox Part 2

I finished the second shadow box for

the bride today. This one includes all

of her "stuff"...garter, hankie, jewely,

a poem from her mom, etc. It was a

challenge! to get all of that attached and

secured. I am sure she will like it. I hope

it will become a treasured keepsake for


Custom Shadow Boxes Prices vary

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pecan Progress

I made a little progress on this poster.

I still have the lettering to do, and I

am still working on that. I am not

entirely happy with this, but I will

have to enter something, and I may not

have time to do something else!

The Louisiana Pecan Festival is held

the first weekend in November in

Colfax, Louisiana. They celebrate all

things "pecan", from festival queens

to pie. They hold a contest each year

for their poster and their t-shirt.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shadow Boxing

One of the really creative projects that
I get to do at the gallery is designing a
shadow box. They are always a bit of
a challenge, and they are always unique.
I have been working on this one for a
couple of days. I had a lot of time today,
and I finished this one. It is for a bride,
and includes lots of her "paper" things:
invitation, save the date, party invites,
and her marriage certificate. Her colors
included purple, so I worked that in to
a couple of the pieces. I say "finished"...
at least this part. I still have to line the
frame and assemble the whole thing. At
least another week in the process. This is
one of two she wants. The other one includes
more 3 dimensional items: jewelry, satin bag,
garter, etc. I am still arranging and mounting
that one, with velcro dots, glue, and t-pins. I
will try to photograph it tomorrow. Her mother
viewed the progress today, and was very pleased
with the results so far, so good!

I can design a shadow box for you...heirloom items,
vacation memories, memorial tributes, etc. Just
let me know, and we can discuss possibilities.
Custom Framed Shadow Boxes $100 and up

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pecan Fest Poster Time

Started trying to work on a few ideas

for the Louisiana Pecan Festival poster.

This is pen and ink and watercolor...still

working on it. Will try to post some

progress. I will have to work out some

lettering also. Hopefully it will all come


Kids, Art, and Smiles

We finished up two different summer

art classes this week at the gallery.

The boys took a whole week of art

camp with Mr. Rockett. It was

"Dinosaur Week" and they completed

some neat projects including a

painted dinosaur egg, a volcano painting

and sculpture, and lots of dino drawings.

The girls came for an Art Party,

"Cupcakes and Canvas". We did a mixed

media, paint and collage, on canvas of

a cupcake, while they snacked on butter

creme and chocolate cupcakes. Everyone

had a great time.

I have one more Art Party this summer,

August 13th. "Canvas and Coke Floats" will

be from 10:30-12:00. I am sure you can

guess what we will enjoy that day?!

There are still some spots

and adults welcome. Call the gallery to

register. Come join the fun!

Pea Patch Gallery 318-628-3560

Art Party $20.00 Includes supplies

and snacks

Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Back Burner...oops

I had been asked to do this invitation

last month, and I just now found it

on my very "organized" art desk. So,

I managed to decorate it today, and

will mat it for her. Her colors included

this purple, and this flower pattern

was on the envelope. There are some

faint flowers in the background as well

that I drew and then lightened with

an eraser. I hope she will be pleased

and forgive me for my tardiness.

....too much to do....

Painted Invitations $20.00

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camera Ready

Here is the finished camera ready logo.
I finished it up tonight after working at
the gallery today. I also ran over to
Natchitoches late this afternoon to pick
up my Christmas poster entry. I did not
win, but they told me that the judges
really liked it (they probably told everyone
that!) I have a sneaky suspicion that you
have to live in Natchitoches to win...I will
investigate that when the winning poster
is unveiled. I am going to start working on
a design for the Louisiana Pecan Fest now..
they wanted me to submit something. At
least I know you don't have to live in Colfax
to win!
I can design a logo, business card, letterhead,
etc for you. Email me for quotes and ideas.

Logo Selected

I had been asked by the Louisiana
Baptist Singing Women to design
a logo for them. They notified me
that they would like this design. So
I am in the process of doing a camera
ready copy for them. I have to make
sure all the lines are really crisp and
clean. I will add the text with the
computer. Will finish it up and send
it more thing off the list!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sketch of the Egret

I am still working on this "egret theme".

I just love those tall, majestic white birds.

This will probably be done in acrylic on

a square canvas. Just playing around with

some ideas. Those are supposed to be frogs

across the top...I got tired of drawing all of

them! I am still working on the alligator

design, and I am playing around with some

frogs and turtles. just a "swamp" frame of


A Day for a Ride

Small watercolor painting of the

mule drawn carriage in New Orleans,

for the upcoming Louisiana show.

My college watercolor teacher would

like to absence of detail! He always

wanted me to loosen up...

Carriage Ride Watercolor

8 x 10 $35.00

for Liz (and Brian)

Agapanthus on the edge of a cliff in California

Blue wildflowers in my backyard

I have been working on several

things, but have had some computer

connectivity issues! So, I will do a

couple of posts in a row...hopefully!

These scripture photos are for a

friend, Liz. She wanted this verse,

but with a blue color scheme. And

since my brother had surgery today,

this has been my own personal prayer,

all day today. He is fine, and will have to

be in the hospital a few more days. God

does care for His own. Let not all our

hearts be troubled!~

scripture photos 12 x 18 $35.00

available as note cards and 11 x 14 prints

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gator Background

I added the watercolor background tonight.

I just did a juicy, wet wash of ultramarine and

pthalo blue all over around the green gators.

I am going to add some details to them, and

may do some more in the background as well.

"Choot him!"

Those of you who are fans of "Swamp

People", will identify with today's title!

I say a Troy t-shirt today with that

slogan on it. hilarious

I started working on these gators

tonight. They are going to be similar

to the egret design I did a week or so

ago. I just started painting them. I

will add the background and some details

as I go. Will post when finished.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maison Catherine-Sold

I did this painting during a trip to

Paris two years ago. This restaurant

is on top of Montmartre, and is one

of the oldest in Paris. I had an email

this week asking about the painting,

and they are going to buy it. It is

going to be a gift for a woman named

Catherine who is traveling to Paris

soon, and her friend wanted to get it

for her as a reminder of their trip...

how sweet! I am boxing it up and

shipping it out to New Mexico. neat...

Maison Catherine 11 x 14 watercolor

SOLD $150.00

(this painting continues to be viewed often

on this blog...I don't know why?! But I

hope the new owner will enjoy looking at it


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shrimp Boats and Rusty Tin

Someone asked me recently about how I

decide what to work on next?! I can't

really explain how my creative brain

works, but I can offer a few insights.

I usually have a goal or an incentive;

a show piece, an exhibit,

a series, a competition, or a commissioned

piece. And I usually have multiple goals

all at once! So I alternate between subjects

or projects, usually depending upon my

mood or the "squeaky wheel". Right now,

I have the priority of working toward the

Louisiana show that I will need to hang in

the fall, by November 1st. So I am constantly

thinking of subjects for that, and deciding

which mediums will work best for the

ideas that come to me. I thumb through my

countless photos, and get those ideas simply

by viewing them, over and over.

These two images, from a trip down to

south Louisiana, keep coming around. So,

I will probably do something with them,

perhaps a watercolor or a drawing. You'll

have to stay tuned to see!

I hope that clears up some of the artist's

mysterious process...maybe I wrote this for

myself! I hope it will help me focus, and get

some work done!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reclaimed, Recycled, and Re-Written

One of my favorite booths that I visited

during the Gift Market in Dallas was this

one. It is a "mom and pop" business that

paints catchy sayings on old tin made into

signs and decorative pieces. fun, fun

I just received an email from them saying

they won"Best in Show" for their

booth display! Congratulations!

I placed an order with them that should

be arriving soon. These will look really

great in my shop, and they would look

great at your house, or in your yard!

Blackwater Folk Art

Florida, USA

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coasting Again

I am still making some of these stone

coasters, decorated with my photos.

These are all from Lake Martin, in

south Louisiana, around Breaux Bridge

(pronounced "bro"). I am trying to

stockpile some sets for the Christmas

season. I will have to stop taking them

to the shop...I have sold them all! That

is a good problem to have, but if I want

to have a lot for the Christmas season, I

will have to hold them back.

I hope some of you enjoyed the video from

yesterday. After I watched it more closely

(I was mainly just listening) I noticed some

mis-spelled words. I think the message is

still the same, so I am going to leave it

instead of posting another version. I hope

the words speak to you, typos and all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cure for Troubled Hearts!

I heard this song several months ago,

and it has become one of my favorites.

The lyrics are some of the finest I have

heard in a long time. This singer/songwriter

has spent some time "down in the valley"

as many of us have, and this song so

captures the true Christian attitude toward

this life. I was listening to it while working,

and I thought some of you would enjoy

hearing it as well. Blessings to you!

Laura Story "Blessings" CD

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Troubled Hearts

This is a scripture photo that I had done

earlier this year. I have one framed in

the gallery. A customer came in this

week, and wanted this same image,

only vertical. So I have been working

on the other version tonight. I may

do her a couple to choose from.

I spent part of the evening attending

a choral concert by the Master's Voices,

a high school group organized by

Dr. Loyd Hawthorne from Hardin Simmons

University. I know the director from my

participation in Louisiana Baptist All State

Youth Choir several years ago. I had a

chance to catch up with him and his lovely

wife, along with the accompanist, Jeremy

Mims. It was a wonderful, worshipful

experience, and a great end to another

Lord's day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Something Fishy in the Studio

Here are the photos of the PreK art camp

students! They did a whole series of fish

and underwater themes. These are their

paintings...most of them are proud. One

would not show her face or her painting...

oh well.

Mr. Daniel Rockett is going to do another

art camp this summer. If you are interested,

please let me know. Or you can reach him on

FaceBook. Lots of fun!


I attended the opening reception last night

for the Contemporary Artist's Guild show

at the Alexandria Museum of Art. I got

to visit with several friends and view

everyone else's work. It is a pretty

impressive show. There is a wide variety

of subject matter and mediums. The show

will hang until the end of July. If

you are in the area, you should try to

make it by. You can check out the

museum website; they have lots of

activities all month long.
"A Column in Time"

The Library at Ephesus

Photo on Canvas $800

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Out of the Furnace, Into the Fire

It is really hot outside here in the

like a furnace. So everyone is eager to indulge

in some indoor activities. One of the bravest

men I know, Mr. Daniel Rockett, agreed to teach

a pre-K art camp this week. (yes, I said pre-K!)

So, lots of little 3, 4, and 5 year olds have been in

the studio all week, painting, sculpting, and

drawing their little hearts out. Mr. Rockett has

lots of help (one grandmother is pictured here),

and the children have been very good. They will

finish up all their projects tomorrow, and I will

try to photograph them. Should be a hoot!

For info on Art Camps/ Art Lessons/ workshops

email me thanks!

You did notice I said HE was teaching this

week....I tend to want to start them around age 10.

I still have a couple of classes this summer:

check the website for schedule

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiration Abounds

I read recently that about 78% of working artists see new sites, to relax and regroup, and

to gather new inspiration for their work. I am one

of those 78%ers. My recent trip home is a prime

example. Yes, I was pretty much on vacation...but

the whole time I was taking in the bright patterns

of all of the Mexican influenced art there: the painted

pottery, the woven tapestries, the embroidered

dresses. Just looking around in San Antonio is a

feast for the eyes...color and pattern are everywhere.

So I came home and started working on a series of

"Louisiana" patterns and color, starting with one of

my favorite motifs: the egret. This is an acrylic

sketch for a larger painting. I am still working out

the design, but this is where I started. I have the

image I want in my mind's eye, and this is not

exactly there, but it is a start. And afterall, they

say just getting started is half the battle!

I met several interesting new people during my

trip. I hope some of you are joining us on the

journey here...welcome aboard!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The San Antonio River Walk Museum Reach

I found this video about the RiverWalk

artwork. It will give you a better idea

of the amazing art installations along that

stretch of the river. I hope some of you

can make it down there to see it in person...

really worth it.

I am beginning to do some more work for

the Louisiana show coming in the fall. And

we are looking forward to hanging a show

by the Natchitoches Art Guild members

during the month of August.

Museum Reach River Walk Art

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Art on the River

We just spent the best day down on the

San Antonio river. There is a new section

of the river that has opened up: the Museum

Reach. It starts up at Pearl Brewery where

there are shops and restaurants too. You can

take the new river taxi down the river, through

a lock system, all the way to RiverCenter mall.

It takes you by the San Antonio Museum of Art.

But the neatest features are the art installations

all along the river, especially under the bridges.

The grotto, shown above, is along the sidewalk

beside the river. And the fish are huge, fiberglass

sun perch suspended under the bridge. They light

up at night, and are amazing! One of the installations

is made of colored strips of glass that sparkle on the

surface of the water as you pass under the bridge.

It is all a great addition to the RiverWalk, and makes

a perfect destination for a little tourism, a little culture,

and a lot of fun.