Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiration Abounds

I read recently that about 78% of working artists see new sites, to relax and regroup, and

to gather new inspiration for their work. I am one

of those 78%ers. My recent trip home is a prime

example. Yes, I was pretty much on vacation...but

the whole time I was taking in the bright patterns

of all of the Mexican influenced art there: the painted

pottery, the woven tapestries, the embroidered

dresses. Just looking around in San Antonio is a

feast for the eyes...color and pattern are everywhere.

So I came home and started working on a series of

"Louisiana" patterns and color, starting with one of

my favorite motifs: the egret. This is an acrylic

sketch for a larger painting. I am still working out

the design, but this is where I started. I have the

image I want in my mind's eye, and this is not

exactly there, but it is a start. And afterall, they

say just getting started is half the battle!

I met several interesting new people during my

trip. I hope some of you are joining us on the

journey here...welcome aboard!
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