Monday, July 25, 2011

Shadow Boxing

One of the really creative projects that
I get to do at the gallery is designing a
shadow box. They are always a bit of
a challenge, and they are always unique.
I have been working on this one for a
couple of days. I had a lot of time today,
and I finished this one. It is for a bride,
and includes lots of her "paper" things:
invitation, save the date, party invites,
and her marriage certificate. Her colors
included purple, so I worked that in to
a couple of the pieces. I say "finished"...
at least this part. I still have to line the
frame and assemble the whole thing. At
least another week in the process. This is
one of two she wants. The other one includes
more 3 dimensional items: jewelry, satin bag,
garter, etc. I am still arranging and mounting
that one, with velcro dots, glue, and t-pins. I
will try to photograph it tomorrow. Her mother
viewed the progress today, and was very pleased
with the results so far, so good!

I can design a shadow box for you...heirloom items,
vacation memories, memorial tributes, etc. Just
let me know, and we can discuss possibilities.
Custom Framed Shadow Boxes $100 and up
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