Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

All the ghouls and goblins at Pharmacy Services...scary!!

These are all of my employees today..Happy Halloween!
I am a "fork in the road"

This is a dessert we served today in the cafe...a chocolate chip cookie
ice cream sandwich...yum

Cari and Crystal helping do the downtown trick or treating! (Minnie
Mouse and a Nerd)

Two of my favorite trick or treaters...Taylor Swift and Buzz Lightyear..woohoo!
    We had fun with all the Halloween activities today. 
They all dressed up at my husband's store today, and we did also. 
There was a costume contest this evening, downtown trick or
treating, and carnivals at the churches. 
Our heart goes out to those affected by the storm and not able
to celebrate today.  Some of us here in Louisiana know all too
well the destruction that comes with these storms. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rooming Options

Savannah and I working on her painting for her room.

Savannah and her smile

Jessica's finished piece!

Savannah's finished piece

I have been out of pocket, out in Dallas, picking up some merchandise for
 the shop.  While there, I had a great time helping my two great nieces
do a work of art for their rooms.  Savannah is the young one, and we
 did a combination piece for her.  We bought the cross already finished,
and the pink frame.  So we painted the canvas to match.  Savannah was a
lot of help!  I did paint the dots all by myself, and then we put it all together.
Jessica wanted a really contemporary piece for her "tween" room.  The
canvases are 20 x 20, and we lined them up and painted the strokes all the
way across.  Then we had fun splattering, etc.  The large orange metal
flower is mounted on the center canvas, and the whole thing is going over
her bed.  
fun, fun

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkins, Punch, and Presents

We hosted a bridal shower in the cafe today.  The hostesses did
 an amazing job decorating.  They used a black, white, silver,
and orange color scheme with lots of pumpkins (some spray painted
 silver or black)  The food was beautiful (and tasty!), and the
bride received some really nice things. Congrats to the couple,
and best wishes for a happy life!

For info on showers and parties at the Pea Patch:
email me or call 318-628-3560

Printed Paintings

I have a friend who paints the cutest things!  She sells painted buckets,
boxes, and all kinds of things.  I did some printing for her this week of
these two designs.  She will collage them onto a painted board that
will hang with ribbon, and then she will personalize them.  Too
cute!  Good luck with them Cyndi...I hope you sell lots!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pastel Pointers

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My children's art class explored a little pastel drawing this
week.  It is fairly easy, and most of the students usually
enjoy the bright colors.  But I had a few that didn't like
their fingers getting dirty?!  They did a little sunset
landscape scene.  They did a good job, dirty fingers
and all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Colored Pencil Duo

Had a couple of commission pieces to finish up tonight...they are
both for the same client.  She is giving the cow drawing as a
gift to someone (I don't know why..I didn't ask), and I
decorated the invitation that will be a wedding gift for the
bride and groom.  I will frame it as well.
I have a few more things to draw and paint for people for
Christmas gifts.  I hope to get them done quickly, so
I can concentrate on getting my own Christmas gifts taken
care of!
For info on Decorated Wedding Invitations
email me or call the gallery

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Ready for "Shop till you Drop"

Some of our fall merchandise
Adding in a few Christmas items...along with red things

This beautiful one piece nativity is out and ready for a home!

Some tall, bronze angels, and some fleur de lis canisters

We are still putting out a few new things for
Christmas Open House.  (I am sure you are tired of me
mentioning it!) But it is all we are doing right now until
then.  It takes us that long to get the shop all ready (it is a
huge job!)  And I do not want to wait till the last minute. 

I am working on a few commission pieces at home, but nothing
worth posting yet....just the outlines.  I have several things I have
to get done for people before Christmas, and time is running out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

All the Best-Christmas T-Shirt 2012

I was excited to receive the proof for the Christmas shirt
for this year. I think it looks really good on the black
shirt.  I was hesitant to use black...didn't seem like a
"Christmassy" color.  But I think it turned out nice.  We will have
them in time for the Open House, and we will start selling
them that day at 5 pm. 

Downtown Christmas Open House  Nov 8th  5-9
Winnfield, LA
Christmas Shirts  $30 each

Windows for the Soul

I have been working on some more windows.  I have picked up quite a few at
flea markets and junk shops in the last month.  First, I have to wash them,
scrubbing off grime and dirt, and clean the glass.  Then I measure them,
and decide what design will be the best for the size and layout.

This window had two sections that were long and horizontal.  I decided to put the
cupcakes along the top section, and add a chalkboard in the bottom section.  Here
are the cupcakes as they are drying...there is Modge Podge painted under and over
them to seal them onto the glass.

I picked up this piece of old blue iron work a long time ago, and I have been
waiting to use it.  It fit really well on the top of this window, so I screwed it onto
the top edge. 

The blue sunflowers looked great and picked up the blue piece of iron.  So, I added the
flowers across the top, and then there will be a chalkboard across the bottom.

I finished this cupcake one.  I put the chalkboard all the way behind the
glass.  The window needed some extra bracing, and that will provide some
strength for the piece.

Here is a seashell one that I finished also.  I really like the
format of these kind of windows.  I like the
square shape of each section.  I bought several of
these up in Arkansas.

And here is a poppy one too!

I have been having fun putting these old windows together with
my artwork.  I have all the mess out on my patio (and believe me,
it makes a mess).  I break some of the glass out of some of the
windows.(broken glass)  I use a jigsaw to cut the masonite for the
chalkboards (lots of sawdust).  The modge podge drips on the
concrete..yuk.  Anyway, my husband is very patient and understanding.
It also helps that he leaves in the dark, and gets home in the

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bee Happy

I thought this would be a good image for today. 
I have been guilty of wishing my life away at times,
waiting for circumstances or timing to be just right.  We all tend to
believe that the grass is always greener somewhere else,
and that we can be happy only when everything is perfect. 
We waste precious time under-appreciating
(is that a word?!) our lives as they are.  I love the words written here:

The time to be happy is now
The place to be happy is here

I saw this somewhere years ago in my life, when I needed
to see it, and it really spoke to me.  I thought it would look
good with this "happy" sunflower, and
the contented bees.  I hope on this God's day, you can
appreciate your own life, and embrace your circumstances,
and be grateful.  I will try too!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Art for Sale

"Rolling in the Deep" tiger print

"Glory Bee Graphics" on display up in the gallery

I am very proud of some of my recent artwork, now for sale in the
gallery.  We are getting ready for the downtown Open House coming
in November, but everything is for sale now also!  The tiger prints
would be great for any tiger fan in your family.  And the inspirational
photos make good gifts as well...or they can brighten a corner in
your own nook and cranny.  I also have the notecards of some of
the photos: the Grace one with the white flowers; the strength one
with the trees; the blue flower one (be not afraid) and the song
sparrow photo.  We have 5 notes packaged up with the envelopes, and
they make great stocking stuffers. 

I was pleased to have the new Huey P. Long Vo-Tech College here in Winnfield
use some of my Louisiana swamp photos to decorate their banquet hall for
their recent function.  And the word is they may want to own them
permanently!  woohoo...hope so
Downtown Christmas Open House  November 8th
5-9 pm  Winnfield, LA  71483

There will be a drawing for a sleigh full of goodies from
each shop participating.  It will be on display at
Bank of Winnfield sometime next week.  You may register
the night of the open house.  We will draw a winner that
night at the conclusion of the evening...good luck!  The more
shops you visit, the more you can register.

Tie Dyed Birthday

Emily hard at work on her pumpkin t-shirt

"Tie Dyed" pumpkin t-shirt
Cyndi adding the finishing touches

We had another "Art Birthday Party" today in the cafe.  It was
a girl's party for an 8 year old, and they made tie dyed t-shirts with
cute pumpkins on them.  Mrs Cyndi Beaubouef was the art teacher today,
and this was the cutest idea.  They used small plastic cups and rubber
bands to section off 3 round spots on the front of the shirt.  Then they used
sharpie markers to color in the circle.  Then, Cyndi used some alcohol on
the marker, and it made the color blur and appear "tie dyed".  Then
she added the black lines and the cute faces.  The girls LOVED them,
and it was a real hit.  Happy Birthday Annie...I am glad you had a good

For info on Art me or call the gallery:

Digital Collections

Arkansas Photo Album

Digital Photo Book

I just finished getting all of my Arkansas photos printed and put in
an album.  I know a lot of digital photographs never make it off of the
memory stick or off the computer.  I encourage you to do something with your
 photos.  I so enjoy going back and looking at albums or digital photo
books from previous trips or family occasions.  If you don't want to get
them printed, the digital photo books are soooo easy now.  It is simple to
 make a photo book online now.Sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish, and
are all offering a variety of digital books in different sizes and styles. 
If you need some help or advice on how to share
your treasured photos, just let me know.  I'd love to give you some ideas.

I drew the winning name for the drawing for the tote bag. 
It is Paula Jones!  congrats Paula...come by the shop and you can
pick out the one that you want!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Seashell notepad...large  5 x 7

small notepad with the poppy design

I received some more of my merchandise today...some of the notepads
I had printed with my designs.  The one with the seashells is
larger...about 5 x 7.  And the smaller one with the geometric
design goes with the teacup or the poppy design.  It is
smaller...about 3 x 5.  There is one more on the way that
goes with the poppy design as well.  I have the bags on display
in the gallery, and now I can add the note pads
for sale too!

I took the Christmas t-shirt design to the silk screen printer
today.  The shirts will be long sleeved and black, with the
large design on the back this time.  There will also be a small
chest pocket design that reads, "Merry Christmas".  They will be
ready in a couple of weeks.  They come in sizes Sm, Med, Large,
XL, 2 XL, and 3XL.  They will be $30 this year (they went up in
price because of the two sided design?!)  We will start selling them
on November 8th...the day of the downtown Christmas Open House.

I am still giving away one of the bags tomorrow to someone who has left
me a comment.  You will have your choice of bag, and I will ship it
free if you are out of town.  Get to commenting!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If this is Tuesday, it must be Watercolor

High school senior learning watercolor painting

My other watercolor adult student

Dana's finished painting of a toucan...good job

Signing her ladybug painting..another good job

Finished product

On Tuesdays, I am teaching watercolor to a couple of students;
one is a high school senior that I am mentoring for her
Senior Project class, and the other is a young wife
and mother who has always wanted to take some
art classes.  The two of them are learning all about painting
with watercolor.  Today, they did different projects...a colorful
toucan and a ladybug.  They painted the subject using washes on dry
paper.  Then they wet the background, and added the colors that
blurred together.  They said they really enjoyed this lesson, and they
were happy with the results!  woohoo!
For info on classes, email me