Monday, October 22, 2012

Windows for the Soul

I have been working on some more windows.  I have picked up quite a few at
flea markets and junk shops in the last month.  First, I have to wash them,
scrubbing off grime and dirt, and clean the glass.  Then I measure them,
and decide what design will be the best for the size and layout.

This window had two sections that were long and horizontal.  I decided to put the
cupcakes along the top section, and add a chalkboard in the bottom section.  Here
are the cupcakes as they are drying...there is Modge Podge painted under and over
them to seal them onto the glass.

I picked up this piece of old blue iron work a long time ago, and I have been
waiting to use it.  It fit really well on the top of this window, so I screwed it onto
the top edge. 

The blue sunflowers looked great and picked up the blue piece of iron.  So, I added the
flowers across the top, and then there will be a chalkboard across the bottom.

I finished this cupcake one.  I put the chalkboard all the way behind the
glass.  The window needed some extra bracing, and that will provide some
strength for the piece.

Here is a seashell one that I finished also.  I really like the
format of these kind of windows.  I like the
square shape of each section.  I bought several of
these up in Arkansas.

And here is a poppy one too!

I have been having fun putting these old windows together with
my artwork.  I have all the mess out on my patio (and believe me,
it makes a mess).  I break some of the glass out of some of the
windows.(broken glass)  I use a jigsaw to cut the masonite for the
chalkboards (lots of sawdust).  The modge podge drips on the
concrete..yuk.  Anyway, my husband is very patient and understanding.
It also helps that he leaves in the dark, and gets home in the

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