Monday, October 15, 2012

Bag Lady

Bag Give-Away! 
Leave me a comment, and I will draw a winning name
for a free tote bag.  You can choose which one you
would like...the poppy, sea shell, or the teacup one!
I will draw the winner on Friday.

I got two more of my bags in this week.  The poppy design is on the green bag,
and the sea shell design is on a blue bag.  They are great for carrying all your
stuff...for the weekend, or to work, or to the beach.  They also make
great gifts for Christmas this year.  They are $25 each, and available
in the shop. 

There is one more on the way...a brown one with the cupcake design.  It is
back-ordered, and may not make it in time for the Christmas Open House.
But it will be here by December if you are interested in that one.

Christmas Open House
Downtown Winnfield, Louisiana  5-9 pm
November 8th

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