Friday, February 29, 2008

An Invitation to Judge

I was invited by a good art
teacher friend to help judge
a student art show today. It
was held at the Alexandria
Art Museum. Two college
art professors helped me,
and we all managed to agree
on the winners.
Speaking of invitations, these
are a couple of wedding ones
that I just hand-painted for gifts.
I take the invitation, and add
the ink and watercolor in
some kind of a design; most of
the time specified by the bride.
It can be the colors of the wedding
or the style of their home. I only
charge $15.00, and I can also
custom frame them for an
additional charge. If you receive
an invitation, and would like a
unique and special gift, you can
send it to me, and I will spruce it
Painted Wedding Invitations
Specify colors and style $15.00

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tree of Life

this is a photo of a
great old tree
on the road
between Terlingua
and Alpine. i am
having it printed
on a large canvas
in black and white.

Tree of Life photo on canvas
36 x 48 $450.00
smaller sizes available

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sotol Vista Overlook

Another little watercolor
of a scene in Big Bend.
This is the view from
the Sotol Vista Overlook.
Sotol Vista orig watercolor
7 x 11 $50.00

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Eat Here...Get Gas"

There are only a couple of places in
Big Bend to get gas, so you have to
plan ahead. It is very vast, and you
could be in a bind if you didn't check
your gas tank. There is also only a
couple of places to pick up something
to eat. This old gas pump is located
at one of the places where you can
do both.
The Castolon Store is on the west
side of the park, and we arrived
here on our second day. We bought
a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut
butter, some chips, and a couple
of apples, and had a picnic outside
near this gas pump. A plastic knife
and some jelly packets saved from
breakfast came in handy. There were
only a few other people at the store, and
I told the young man working there
that he must have one of the loneliest
jobs in the world! He said he didn't
really know because he just started!
I hope he is hanging in there, and lots
of people go by the Castolon Store.

"Eat Here...Get Gas" orig pencil 8 x 10

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Bend view-Sotol

A little watercolor of another great
view of Big Bend. That is a sotol
plant, and they were everywhere
in the park.
I was reading my new Southern
Living magazine tonight, and there
was a special feature on 29 great
things about Texas. They listed
Big Bend, and mentioned the
wide open spaces, the Chisos
mountains, and the beautiful
sunrises and sunsets.

I had the pleasure of selling the
painting of the Starlight Theatre
to the owner, Chad. I will ship it
on Monday. Thanks Chad!

Sotol in Big Bend orig watercolor
7 x 11 $45.00

one too many road trips....

This wonderful old truck is in
Sanderson, TX. I spotted this
abandonded wrecking yard, and
we turned around and reveled in
photographing such great subject
matter! I love drawing subjects
that speak to people, and I think
this truck says, "I worked hard
and served you well. Now I am
happy just to rest here and rust."
Not a bad life motto...

Sanderson Road Warrior orig pencil
11 x 14 $100.00

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Starlight, Starbright...

The Starlight
Theatre in
Terlingua, TX
is a neat old
place. It
is a restaurant
that has live
We ate here
during our
trip to Big Bend.
A local musician,
Clem, provided
the background guitar music. There were several locals at the
bar, and a few tourists, including us. All the locals knew each
other, and were having a good time. The food was excellent
and we enjoyed the evening. Would recommend making this
stop if you are in the area.
Starlight Theatre orig wc 11 x 14 $100.00 SOLD

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Orleans Institution

For the "Destinations" art show in May
I am going to include New Orleans...
I have been there to paint numerous
times. It is one of my favorite cities.
This is Tujague's (pronounced two
jacks), the oldest restaurant in town.
They have a very small menu, just
two or three main dishes, and the
dining room is small, too. It is down
in the French Quarter on Decatur
Street. I have eaten here several
times, and it is always a treat.

I've had several friends tell me they
have been reading this blog...I
appreciate your interest in my work.
I found this great quote: "By sharing
our creative magic with others, we
reap the magic of their friendship".
So, thanks for viewing my creative
endeavors, and I am blessed by
your friendship.

"Tujague's" orig wc 11 x 14 $75.00

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe

I am sure anyone who has been to
Terlingua, Texas, has driven past
the Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe. It is
right on the main drag, and you
can't miss it. I love her creative
dining room (inside the pink bus),
and her whole colorful establishment.
We did not get a chance to eat here,
but the locals told us it was really
good, especially her breakfast
burritos. So if you are in the Big
Bend area and find yourself in
Terlingua, take a chance on the probably won't be
Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe orig ink and
watercolor 11 x 14 $50.00

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Essie Mae and Mattie Claire..good choices

I entered two
pieces in the
Guild 29th
Annual Show in
Alexandria, LA
and attended the
opening reception
this afternoon.
I entered the
two pencil drawings:
"Essie Mae", the
noble, older woman;
"Mattie Claire", the
young adorable
child of a friend.
"Essie Mae" won second place in the show, and "Mattie Claire" won Viewer's Choice (which is a real honor). woohoo!
I love the simplicity of pencil drawings. And I think the crowd appreciated that, too. They were the only two pencil drawings in the entire show, so I think they stood out. I was very pleased.
"Essie Mae" orig pencil drawing $500.00
"Mattie Claire" orig pencil drawing $500.00

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Arrival-Molly Catherine

I forgot to mention that
Mattie Claire has a new
baby sister, Molly 3 weeks
old. She wanted to name
her "Lucy Harriet" and when
asked what the baby's name
is, she says,"Lucy Harriet
Molly Catherine".

Two smiles for Mom

I think this is finished, although
I've already said that my
drawing teacher at U. T.
always said a pencil
drawing was never
finished; there is always
something you can do to
it. But he is not
watching, and I am going
to spray it with some
fixative (so it won't smear),
and let the Mom pick it

I worked hard all day in my studio at the gallery

today. I also do custom framing, and just
acquired some more equipment and supplies,
so I had to integrate it all in the space I have.
I cleaned up, shoved around, hauled off,
stacked up, and swept out.
It is all ready, and looks so much better.

And the big thing is, I know what I have,
and I can find it! I often spend half of my

time putting stuff away, and the other
half trying to remember where I put it.

At least today, I know where everything is!

I have two pieces in a show starting

tomorrow in Alexandria, LA. I entered the
Grandma drawing and the Mattie Claire

drawing, both pencil. I will attend the
opening reception Sunday afternoon,

and we will see if they catch the judge's eye.
Will keep you posted.

Jada's Girls Original pencil 11 x 14 SOLD

Two girls

I worked some more on these two girls tonight.
I am almost finished...just a little more tweaking.
It will have to be tomorrow, it is almost one am
and my hand is shot!
(my scanner just doesn't scan these pencil drawings
very does look better than this in person...)

for info on children's portraits:

Friday, February 15, 2008

One Little girl started...

I've been working on this pencil of this little
girl, and it is almost done. I will try to start
on her sister tomorrow. Such a jolly little

For info on children's portraits in pencil
or colored pencil:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jada's girls

It must be a week of urgent commissions! I received this
photo today from a young mother who wants them done in
pencil by Friday!? I started on them tonight, and I told her
they would be ready first of the week next week.

Our church held their annual Valentine Banquet tonight.
It always has a theme, and this year's was "Hee Haw".
My husband dressed up as Johnny Cash, all in black
complete with guitar. I wore some overalls, a flannel
shirt, boots, a floppy straw hat, and painted freckles on
my face. My two sister-in-laws joined us as we sang
as the "Carter-Shelton" family. We sang an old gospel
favorite, and then finished with "Will the Cirlce be
Unbroken". It was a hoot. Most of the congregation
participated and were dressed in various "Hee Haw"
attire. It was a great evening. Now back to work.....

Info on Commissions (house portraits, children's portraits,
pet portraits, etc)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the "Bend" in the river

Back to painting "Big Bend". This is the view
from up on the trail to Santa Elena canyon,
looking back out of the canyon. We hiked to
the end of the trail. This was the most crowded
trail we hiked. There were several groups
along with us; one group was from Ohio,
another from around San Antonio, and some
foreigners (I'm not sure where they were
This is what I call a watercolor sketch. I use
a Sharpie pen first to sketch in the outlines,
and then paint it in watercolor. Since the pen
is permanent, it does not smear. cool...

Canyon View orig watercolor sketch 11 x 14
The website has been updated; check it out

Cabin Fever

This is the finished painting of the lake
cabin. I will get it in the mail tomorrow.
I hope he will be surprised.

for info on house portraits:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gatlin House

I have been working on this house portrait for
a family friend. The wife is going to give this
portrait of their lake cabin to her husband for
his birthday. I will paint it tomorrow.

Info on house portraits:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Subject

This is a watercolor of the church in Taos, New Mexico.
I have decided to include Taos and Santa Fe in the
"Destinations" show coming up later this spring. I did
this painting several years ago after a painting trip.
It is very simplified, and since I have not finished anything
I have been working on today, I decided to give it a
Had a good time in God's house today, and I took a
walk in the woods around our home this afternoon
(with Huey, Dewey, and Louie tagging along).
It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed the rest, the
peace and the quiet.
Will finish working on a house portrait for a client

Taos Church orig watercolor 12 x 12

Friday, February 8, 2008

On the Bend

Still enjoying painting scenes from Big
Bend trip. One of the "benders" would
have to tell me where this is. I believe
it was on our drive in, down to Panther

The landscape in the park was so
varied. For those of you who have not
been there, it is really a treat.

I have been browsing some of the
photographs taken by others of
Big Bend, and some of them are
spectacular. I especially like those
of Thomas Avery. You can go to his
website, and check them out....

Big Bend #4 original watercolor
8 x 11 $60.00

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Bend- Mule's Ears

There's a really neat mountain formation in
Big Bend that is called "Mule's Ears". It is
a pair of peaks that rise above the
mountain range, and resemble the ears

of a mule. We were told that pilots
used to train by flying through them.

This pair of mule's ears lives in Terlingua,
right next to the Big Bend Motor Inn, at the
Big Bend stables.

Mule's Ears black & white photograph
5 x 7 $10.00 8 x 10 $20.00

Larger sizes available

photo op

When I travel, I always find countless
subjects to photograph. I knew that there
would not be very many flowers this time
of year in Big Bend. I did find this wonderful
cactus with what you might call a bloom.
Since I live in Louisiana, and am not exactly
a cactus expert, maybe someone can tell
me what kind of cactus it is. It doesn't really
matter to me...I think it is beautiful and just
one more example of God's creative genius.

Cactus Photograph 5 x 7 $10.00 8 x 10 $20.00
Larger sizes available

Big Bend View-Rio Grande Trail

The first trail we hiked was the Rio Grande
trail that crosses a swamp, climbs some
rocks, and then meanders down to the
river. This is where we first encountered
the Mexican "marketplace".

Along the trail were some walking sticks and some
small wire scorpion sculptures, placed near
a plastic jug, and a note held down by a
convenient rock. The note asked for hikers
to purchase any of the items, and leave the
money in the jar. We thought it was very
odd. As we drew near to the river, we
could see two Mexican men on the cliffs
above the river. They called out to us, and
asked if we would help them, and buy
their wares. I guess they come over into
the U.S. overnight and leave their things,
and then watch from the cliffs during the
day, hoping for some sales.

We learned later that the park rangers
frown on this activity, and that you can
be fined or even arrested if they find
any of those items in your possession.
I'm glad we didn't feel like shopping!

Big Bend -Rio Grande Trail 8 x 11

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rio Grande Overlook

of the
Rio Grande
is a
little more
not all fit
on my scanner). We were there in the middle of the
day, and the sun was trying to come out. I set up my
tripod and took our group picture here.

There was a horse on the other side of the river when
we were there, and we enjoyed watching it roam
along the river.

More tomorrow night...

Rio Grande Overlook original watercolor 11 x 14 $150.00

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cerro Castolon

This is
from the
Big Bend
I took the
along a dry
creek bed
looking back
at Cerro
which is the
large rock formation on the right. This time of year there
is not much color, but the golds and yellows of the trees
were a nice contrast with the blues and purples in the
Welcome to all of you from the Big Bend Chat website.
I appreciate your interest in my work. I will be doing alot
more in the next couple of weeks. So, keep checking
back. Thanks so much.
Cerro Castolon orig watercolor 11 x 14 $150.00

Monday, February 4, 2008


Just a little watercolor of some
Big Bend cactus. There was
a "purple-tinge" prickly pear
cactus out there I had never
seen anywhere. Normally,
the prickly pear is green, but
these are purple...really purple.
And they were everywhere.
Really neat...

Cactus-Big Bend 8 x 6 $35.00
original watercolor

Big Bend Fun

Another try at Big Bend. I started with
watercolor underneath, and added pastel
on top. I like the bright colors. And I
was impressed with the layers out there
in the park, and tried to convey that

I spoke to my daughter last night, and
she gave me the title for my next show:
"Destinations". I will exhibit work from
several trips, grouped together. So, I will
be doing some work from a variety of
destinations to fill in the spots.

Big Bend Fun 10 x 10 $50.00

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bright Pastel

I got all my pictures back from the trip to
Big Bend, and I tried to draw one in
pastel tonite. Not entirely satisfied...
will try some more.

I got some wonderful news today. I have
been invited to do a one-woman show in
the Schepis Museum in Columbia, LA.
Not a huge museum, but has a great
reputation. Will be in May and June.
Will have to decide what to do, and start

Bright Pastel-Big Bend original pastel
9 x 12 $50.00