Friday, February 29, 2008

An Invitation to Judge

I was invited by a good art
teacher friend to help judge
a student art show today. It
was held at the Alexandria
Art Museum. Two college
art professors helped me,
and we all managed to agree
on the winners.
Speaking of invitations, these
are a couple of wedding ones
that I just hand-painted for gifts.
I take the invitation, and add
the ink and watercolor in
some kind of a design; most of
the time specified by the bride.
It can be the colors of the wedding
or the style of their home. I only
charge $15.00, and I can also
custom frame them for an
additional charge. If you receive
an invitation, and would like a
unique and special gift, you can
send it to me, and I will spruce it
Painted Wedding Invitations
Specify colors and style $15.00

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