Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two smiles for Mom

I think this is finished, although
I've already said that my
drawing teacher at U. T.
always said a pencil
drawing was never
finished; there is always
something you can do to
it. But he is not
watching, and I am going
to spray it with some
fixative (so it won't smear),
and let the Mom pick it

I worked hard all day in my studio at the gallery

today. I also do custom framing, and just
acquired some more equipment and supplies,
so I had to integrate it all in the space I have.
I cleaned up, shoved around, hauled off,
stacked up, and swept out.
It is all ready, and looks so much better.

And the big thing is, I know what I have,
and I can find it! I often spend half of my

time putting stuff away, and the other
half trying to remember where I put it.

At least today, I know where everything is!

I have two pieces in a show starting

tomorrow in Alexandria, LA. I entered the
Grandma drawing and the Mattie Claire

drawing, both pencil. I will attend the
opening reception Sunday afternoon,

and we will see if they catch the judge's eye.
Will keep you posted.

Jada's Girls Original pencil 11 x 14 SOLD
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