Friday, October 30, 2009

Black-Eyed Peas

Speaking of trick-or-treat, here we are at the Pea Patch
today...the "black-eyed p's"...ha ha. Happy Halloween!!


If you have watched any weather this week, you know that
we in Louisiana are getting more rain...It rained 23 out of 30
days in September, and the first 11 days of October. We had
a couple of days of sunshine, and now it is flooding everywhere.
They called off school today, and the Courthouse is closed;
mainly because our rural roads flood, and the school buses and
employees can't get home.
We probably will have some soggy trick-or-treaters!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turn, Turn, Turn

Awhile back I did a post about my wind sculpture that
was installed right before the grand wedding reception
at our home. It finally quit raining long enough for me
to get a photo!
This copper whirligig turns gently in the breeze, and
forms different patterns as it turns. I purchased it in
Santa Fe from the Wiford Gallery on Canyon Road.
The artist is Lyman Whitaker, and you can check out
a lot of his work on the gallery website. They will
even ship it to you (which is what they did for me).
If I had a video camera, and knew how to do any of that,
I could show you how it turns. But you will just have to
use your imagination, or come visit!

Next Giveaway...Free Photo Card

I am here dreaming of warmer, spring days spent in
Paris and Giverny...this is Monet's home. It is really
cold, wet, and dreary outside; I am ready for the rain
to stop.
I am working on making cards of lots of my Paris photos:
some of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc, Notre Dame, the flower
markets, etc. They will be on sale beginning November 12
(the night of our big Christmas Open House).
I'd like to give some of them away for our next freebie.
I will draw a name from among the followers at the end
of the month, and you will get a free photo card. So, sign up
to be a follower!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knock, Knock

I got a wild idea on Saturday at the gallery. We had
just gotten all these old, solid wood doors, salvaged from
an old house. I decided to hang them on the wall of the
gallery, and then hang some of the Paris artwork on them.
I think it turned out really neat. I am not quite through..
I still have to frame a couple of other things to hang in a few
spots. I have some left over, and I would love to paint
on giant solid wooden canvases. we'll see if I have
time. I also want to do something with the glass panels on
those two; a collage on the glass would be fine. will have to
see what I can do.

Monet Squared

When I was at Giverny, I took lots of photos, but there was
not one single image that I thought captured the spirit of
Monet and his beautiful home and gardens. So I thought I
would combine some of my favorites into a photo montage.
I ended up with two...each with a "french hen" (I know, one
is a rooster) in the middle. The chickens were there in the
garden as well. Anyway, you can see of the great pink and
green house, the gardens and individual flowers, and the
Japapnese gardens and waterlillies. I loved the way they
turned out.
Pair of Monet Montages 12 x 12 unframed $50 each

Friday, October 23, 2009

Holiday Open House - Can it Be??

The downtown merchants in our little town ban
together every year to host a Christmas Open House
on the second Thursday in November. This is the
ad for the newspaper that I have to fax to the surrounding
We started decorating yesterday, and pulled out the
first Christmas tree....and we put it among the pumpkins
and fall leaves in the shop?! I know everyone says this:
That it all gets earlier every year! But as a merchant,
you have to compete with the big box stores (who have
had their Christmas out since July!!)
So, if you are going to be in our area on November 12,
please come by between 5 pm and 9 pm, and get in the
Christmas spirit. I will have my annual t-shirts for sale,
the Paris show is up, and the vendors in my shop will be
brimming with Christmas merchandise. We are serving
our peas and cornbread, and hot apple cider. Ya'll come!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drawing of the Day

I have an exhibit of some of my work hanging at the Rapides
Regional Medical Center in Alexandria, Louisiana. Artists are
invited to display for a month at a time with the hopes that
patients and visitors will enjoy viewing original art as they
walk the halls of the hospital.
Someone called today, and is interested in buying this piece. It
is an original colored pencil drawing of a preening flamingo. I
added a scripture to the drawing (not included in this photo) that
says: "Hide me in the shelter of Thy wings." The woman interested
in the drawing said that her daughters love flamingos, and she
would like to hang it in their bedroom. She loved the scripture also.
She will let me know something soon.
"Hide Me" Original Colored Pencil Drawing $750

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More wedding pics....this is my husband and I, so happy that
everything was going well, and our daughter was having the
time of her life. We had been dancing to one of my favorite
songs: "As Time Goes By", played by the groom's grandfather,
Ronnie Kole, a well known pianist from New Orleans. Great

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedded Bliss

As a lot of you know, Hannah's wedding was Saturday.
I am posting this Sunday morning, in my sweat pants.
It could not have been any better! Everything came
together, and we were so pleased. The ceremony was
a religious experience, with her childhood pastor, Dr.
Phelps conducting the service. Our dear friend, Dr. Benjie
Harlan was in charge of the music: a string quartet and brass
from Northwestern University, and our soloists (more dear
friends), Dr. Doran Bugg and his wife Kristie. It was emotional
and beautiful. We all shed a few tears.
The reception at the house was fabulous...we wined, and dined
and danced all night! What a great party.
The couple is off to Fiji...and we are off our feet!
Love to all who came and celebrated with us. We appreciate
your love and support of Hannah, many of you during her
whole life.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Collage in Black and White

One more Paris piece...another collage, this one in black and
white. I printed some of my photos in black and white,
added some vintage postcards, and a couple of pen and ink
sketches of a cafe chair and table, a bicycle, and a cup of hot!
Paris Black and White Collage $200

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chartres Collage

Another collage for the Paris show; this is of the charming
little village of Chartres, outside of Paris, and home to the
Chartres Cathedral. This collage is made up of some of
my sketches, some of my photography, and some copies of
vintage postcards that I purchased on Ebay! I bought about
15 old postcards, and I just love them. Most are old photographs,
but a couple are etchings, like the two of Chartres. One of them
is actually signed by the artist, an A. Desboil (I think). I will
try to look him up and see what I can find out.

Chartres Collage $200.00 (matted and framed)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paris Mosaic

I found these really neat wooden frames with the divisions
in them. So I put together a Paris photo mosaic that would
fit in the frame. I thought it turned out pretty cool.
Wedding countdown...6 days!
Paris Photo Mosaic 8 x 9.5 framed $25.00

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next STop..the Metro

These are the three black and white photos of the Metro
signs that I finished framing. They would make a great
grouping in someone's home!
Metro Photos $150 each

French Sweets...ooh la la

In conjunction with the opening of the Paris art show,
I have been getting in some French items. These are
beautiful little candies; lemon and orange (shaped like
slices) and raspberry. They come in these cute glass
jars with their French labels. They are scattered
throughout the gallery among the watercolors and
photographs...are we feeling French yet?!
Traditional Provencal Candies $11.98 a jar

Me and My House

I couldn't remember if I had posted this charming
little scripture photo...but I haven't been doing any
art this week, so I've been searching the files!
I took this photo in Boerne, Texas, in front of a shop
called, "Bye, Bye, Birdie". I added the scripture text.
So, if you have already seen it, just enjoy it again!
"Me and My House" 12 x 18 Scripture Photo $35.00

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blowin' in the Wind

When I was in Santa Fe a few years ago, I found the
Wiford Gallery on Canyon Road, and discovered the
wonderful wind sculptures made by Lyman Whitaker.
(I know that is not a great photo...but you can go to the
website, and see them all in motion; really cool)
I bought one, and have had it stored in my garage a long
time. Having the wedding reception at our house has
really put some projects on the front burner! So my
neat wind sculpture is now turning elegantly in the
breeze in my backyard.
Check out their website; all of the sculptures are there,
and they show how they move, etc. Lyman Whitaker artist

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lots of Steps Closer

We have been hanging the "American in Paris"
art show in the gallery for the last few days. These
are pics of part of the gallery...the children and the
boats are large photographs on canvas, and they
are on the center wall. I took these photos around
the little pond in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
A man named Allun made the little wooden boats about
25 years ago, and he brings them here everyday. He
rents them along with wooden poles to the children who
push them and race them across the water.

The other corner of the gallery is full of various flower
subjects: Monet's gardens, the flower markets along the
Seine, etc. I love the 3-wheeled bicycle; it has been in the
shop for awhile, and we use it for all kinds of displays.
I bought the bike from a sweet black woman in Tyler, Texas.
If I could find tires for it, I would ride it around town, and
really give everyone something to talk about.

....and the beautiful purple shoe belongs to my "still single
for 10 days" daughter. Everything is coming together...the
art show, the wedding, Christmas Open House...couldn't be

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Collage...Paris

Still playing around with these collages on canvas, using
Paris images and fun paper. I had these vintage watercolors
already...of Notre Dame and Sacre Cour, and I made copies of
them on parchment paper. The lace edge paper was made
with my new little paper press that cuts the paper with the
scalloped edge. I am new to all this "crafty" stuff; I have
always relied on my "fine art" training to produce art. But
I am trying to stretch myself a little, and discovering lots of
neat techniques to use, and lots of neat new materials. Some
of this is probably "old hat" to some of you (Cyndi!!) , but I
am having so much fun playing around with all of it. Who
says you can't teach an old artist new tricks?!
Paris Collage Pair 9 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas $50.00 each

Friday, October 2, 2009

Portrait Time

What a beautiful time we had this afternoon. Hannah
had her bridal portraits taken, and it all went well.
It turned out to be a pretty day; last night about
midnight, I wouldn't have made that bet. There was a
storm complete with lots of lightening, thunder and
heavy rain.
But today was cool and clear...just right.
I took some photos today as well, and I would love
to show them to you. But Hannah would like for all
of you to see her in her dress that day...and we do
not want the groom to accidently see her either.
So you will have to settle for her bouquet in an old
French watering can. Two short weeks to go!

Paris Triad

I had printed these 3 black and white Paris photos
and framed them. They were going up in the Paris
exhibit, until someone came in yesterday and bought
them! I guess I will have to print and frame some
more...good problem to have.
Paris Photo Prints 15 x 15 Framed 24 x 24 $100 each

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congratulations Brad!!

I drew the winning name for the Paris print give-away,
and the winner is Brad Milam. Congrats Brad! You can
come by the shop anytime, and pick it up.
I am still working on some Paris things...doing some
more collages. They are getting a lot of buzz at the gallery.
People really like them. Will try to post some photos later.
I will have to decide on a new give-away as well.