Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lots of Steps Closer

We have been hanging the "American in Paris"
art show in the gallery for the last few days. These
are pics of part of the gallery...the children and the
boats are large photographs on canvas, and they
are on the center wall. I took these photos around
the little pond in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
A man named Allun made the little wooden boats about
25 years ago, and he brings them here everyday. He
rents them along with wooden poles to the children who
push them and race them across the water.

The other corner of the gallery is full of various flower
subjects: Monet's gardens, the flower markets along the
Seine, etc. I love the 3-wheeled bicycle; it has been in the
shop for awhile, and we use it for all kinds of displays.
I bought the bike from a sweet black woman in Tyler, Texas.
If I could find tires for it, I would ride it around town, and
really give everyone something to talk about.

....and the beautiful purple shoe belongs to my "still single
for 10 days" daughter. Everything is coming together...the
art show, the wedding, Christmas Open House...couldn't be
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