Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby on Drawing Board

This cutie is my next commission piece. I don't know
if it is a girl or a boy?! I just got the photo in the mail,
and the request for the drawing. I have started on it
tonight, and will be done in a day or two.
For info on Children's Portraits:

Fast Commissions

I finished a couple of commissioned pieces this weekend,
but in my rush to deliver them, I failed to photograph
One was a custom painted rocking chair for a little boy.
I sanded, stained, and decorated it with a painted rope
and bandana design in red, khaki, black, and white. It was
really cute...wish you could see it!
And I did a 12 x 12 Paris collage to be given as a Christmas
I still have a few things left to do before the big day...will try
to document better!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A time of Thanks

Hope all of you have had a wonderful day of
thanks. It was a beautiful fall day here in the
South....sunny and cool. We enjoyed food and
fellowship with the family.
"Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift"

Another pair of eyes

I have been working and working on this little girl.
I think this is the final draft. I have drawn it completely
three times! It is close to the likeness now. My daughter
is coming home tomorrow, and she will look at it, and
tell me what needs changing. Sometimes it takes another
pair of eyes...
For info on children's portraits:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Canvas

Finished this up last night...will pass it along today.
I like it. It can be hung either way..I will let her
Will have to get back to drawing a couple of
portraits now. Will keep posting the results.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Progress on Canvas

Still working on this canvas for Susan. The colors
don't look right in the photo...but they match the quilt.
Anyway, it's lots of fun, and I am enjoying the
diversion. (I put the pencil portrait on the back is driving me crazy). Will try to finish
this up tonight.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Susan's Canvas Commission

It is hard to find a gift for a daughter in college.
So why not get an artist to do a custom painting?
I was commissioned to do this large, 30 x 40,
canvas by a mom for her daughter for Christmas.
That is her pillow from her bed, and I am doing
the painting with patterns from the fabrics.
I can do custom paintings to match just about
anything. If you have a need for something for
your child's room, a bedroom, den, or kitchen,
just let me know, and I can work something up
for you. I can do some sketches and give you an
estimate. They are quite reasonable, and will be
an original work of art, unique and a very special gift.
30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas $175.00

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Painted Invitations

These are two more painted wedding invitations
that I finished for customers this week. I will
frame them, and get them on their way. Makes
a nice gift...if you have an invitation and want
a unique keepsake, I would love to do it for you.
Painted Wedding Invitations

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Portraits

I have started working on portraits for Christmas.
This is the first is still in progress. Will have
to tweak it a little more.
These drawings are very reasonable, and can be
done in time for Christmas from your photo.
for info on Children's portraits (and pets or houses)
email me:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sundown Reflections

I have loved watching the sun set for most of my
life. It is always such a peaceful time, and a time
for reflection on the events of the day. This
was the sunset from my back porch this evening.
One of the reasons I love to see the sun set, is I
believe I am one day closer to Heaven. I have some
very special people waiting for me there, and I look
forward to seeing them, especially during this time
of the year. Our youngest daughter, Hillary, died on
Thanksgiving day 20 years ago this year. And
every sunset brings me that much closer to that
happy reunion. A lot to be thankful for...

A coffee Monday

I am at the shop, and we are all dragging today...
it is a dreary, cold Monday, and we all need some

Friday, November 13, 2009

An "Open House" Invitation

My Sunshine's gifts and Cyndi's cute pink and green stuff
Caroling quartet from FBC

favorite things in "Favorite Things" booth

A Bitz of Glitz...Jodie's jewelry

Uniquely Yours decorative accents

Raelene Pell's photography

Monday's Child booth with lots of toys

some adorable sock monkeys and friends

More watercolors and our mercury glass tree

Some of the Paris artwork in the gallery

Our country French tree, with lavender sachet ornaments

Christmas Open House 2009 has come and gone! It was
Thursday night, from 5-9, and 13 downtown businesses
were open, decked out, and ready to start the season.
We had a great time at the Pea Patch. I tried to take
a photo in each booth: I have 9 dealers in my building,
each with their own unique merchandise to offer.
We served our peas and cornbread in the cafe, along
with some samples of jalapeno jelly, "reindeer food",
and chow chow. If any of you would like a detailed
description of any of these, just leave a comment, and
I will fill you in! We had a huge crowd, and everyone
seemed to have a wonderful time.
The shop is open Monday-Friday from 10-5, and we
serve lunch from 11-2. We are open Saturdays from
10-3 (no lunch on Sat). Come and see all we have to
offer, and get a jump on your Christmas shopping!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lake Claiborne

One of my missions today was to get some fall
photos for some of my scripture prints. Lake
Claiborne was my first stop. It is west of Ruston
Louisiana, and there is a very nice state park there.
It was literally deserted...a few boat trailers were
parked. I guess the fishermen were already out
on the water. It was very peaceful and beautiful.
There was some color in the leaves, and these are
a couple of my favorites from the morning photo
shoot. It's a tough job...

Murals of the Day

It was a beautiful fall day today, and I took to the
road. I left early this morning, and drove north.
I stopped at Lake Claiborne, then Magnolia,
Camden, and finally El Dorado, all in Arkansas.
These wonderful murals were in Magnolia and
Camden. I always admire murals; I have no concept
of what it must take to paint one. The scale of the
whole thing would boggle me, let alone the logistics
of ladders and scaffolds, weather and wind, bugs
and onlookers. Our little town contacted an artist
one time, and he wanted $50,000 to do one...
maybe I need to look into it!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Out

I snuck away today...down the road to the town of
Winnsboro. They were having a 25 mile garage sale,
and I wanted to check it out. I also wanted to see some
pretty Fall foliage. I found some...along some of the
swampy areas on the way.
I didn't find much at the garage sale..but I didn't get
to go far. Winnsboro is a nice little town, very clean.
I enjoyed my short time away.
I am sneaking off tomorrow as well. I think I will make
a round up into Arkansas, and check out the foliage, and
shop for some antiques. Should be nice...

Thursday, November 5, 2009 to the Music

These are some of my happy family members at
the wedding. It was so much fun to see everyone
else having so much fun! I will post some more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Painted Invitation

I finally got around to painting Hannah's wedding
invitation. One of my dearest friends wanted to
give it to her, and I will frame it also. I decided to
do it in autumn colors, instead of the wedding
colors. I figured they will have lots of wedding
photos in their home with all that purple, so this
will be a little different.
If you have received an invitation, and would like
for me to turn it into a hand-painted gift, please
let me know. I only charge $20, and can do any
flower or color scheme. Or if you have an old one
from a special wedding, I can do it as an anniversary
present, etc.
Painted Wedding Invitation $20

Monet Bridge Collage

I finished this large photo collage tonight of Monet's garden.

Monet Bridge Collage $250.00 24 x 36

600 Post Give-Away.. and the winner is...

600! I know these look wierd; they are
greeting cards before being folded...these are just two
of many I am printing up for the Paris show. I had
decided to do a give-away of one of the cards (they are
5 x 7, printed on art card stock, and frameable). And
I drew a name from the followers, and Brian Hindelang
is the winner!! So, Brian or Karen, you can let me know
which card you would like. I can print any one of the
photographs or even one of the paintings on the card.
Thanks for being a loyal follower! I appreciate your

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Here's to Cake!! The classically beautiful white
traditional bride's cake: white cake with toasted
almond frosting; and the wonderful LSU groom's
cake: chocolate through and through. yummy!

Let's Dance

I heard a statement this week about the act of dance:
that it enables "joy rising" in us. I felt an overwhelming
sense of joy as I watched my beautiful daughter dance in
the arms of her new husband. I hope it will be a precious
memory for her and our guests that night, and that joy
will continue to rise in their lives together.