Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pastel Demo

I have mentioned before that I still teach art to young students, and I get to do it on Wednesdays. Today I instructed them in a beginner exercise using pastels. I did this small demo for them, step by step, and they followed along. I have found this to be the best method for most art lessons...I do a little, you watch, and then you do a little. I think they called that "guided practice" back in the day.... (all you teachers will appreciate that!) I copied this landscape from a fine book I own on the subject. It is called, "The Poetic Landscape", and it features some lovely artwork. The students I had today are only in middle school, so the simplicity of this was just right for them. They finished their drawing in an hour, and we matted them. And they were very proud; way to go!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crescent City Collage

An assortment of New Orleans photos...selected, arranged, digitized, and

printed. A couple of vintage postcards thrown in...

An old window frame and canvas painted black; a piece of an old drawer,

and some Modge Podge plus the photos...

Photos collaged along with some textured paper... Mostly done...a few more touches and some final sealing. I will post some pics of the finished product tomorrow. Crescent City Collage 20 x 30 Mixed Media $350 I am looking for some more old wooden windows; if anyone has some, or knows someone who does, let me know. I will buy them...almost any condition! You can call me at the gallery: 318-628-3560

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Colleague Update

This is a finished painting by Bernard Poulin. He is a

member of the CPSA, along with me. He sends out

emails with views of his latest finished work. I received

this today, and decided to share it . This is not a colored

pencil drawing..I believe it is an oil painting. He is like

many of the other colored pencil artists I know....they also

work in different mediums. I enjoy working in watercolor,

pastel, pencil, collage, pen and ink, and photography! (too

many to keep straight). Anyway, you can look up some

of his work, and see his excellent draftmanship.

Bernard Poulin/artist

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Delivery for Tom

There's nothing better than a Sunday I took

the chance, especially since I had to deliver two pieces to

the Tom Peyton Memorial show today. It was a cloudy,

rather cool morning, but the drive down to Alexandria was

beautiful. The highway passes through part of the

Kistachie National Forest, and the white dogwood trees in

bloom look like vapor floating in among the pines.

The festival's opening reception is Friday, April 1 at 6 pm.

Larry Leach is doing several events during the event:

1. ColArt Workshop Saturday April 2 1-3pm

2. Artist Critique Sunday April 3 2-5:30 pm

3. The History of Landscape Painting Thursday April 7 6:30

4. Plein Air Painting Saturday April 9 12:30-4:30

You can find out more about any of these at:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time to Garden

For the last couple of years, I have been asked to
paint in a garden during the Le Jardin Garden Tour
in Shreveport. This year, however, I had a scheduling
conflict. But, they passed my name on to the director
of the Minden Garden tour, and now I am going to
go there and paint this year.
It will be held on the 16th of April. I will be painting
on location in one of the four or five gardens on the
tour. I don't know much about Minden, and I am
going to try to visit ahead of time to see where I will
Speaking of gardening, I did a little of that myself
today. It always feels good to work in the yard, and
just enjoy the outdoors. Our weather here in Louisiana
has been lovely the past two Saturdays (and that is
unusual!) Thought you would enjoy this little photo
of some blooming Bradford pear tree, celebrating the
advent of the season.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Pirate of Pigzance

It's Hog Dog Trials time again..and this is my creation.
I cheated and used red duct tape for the stripes ( I didn't
even know it came in colors and patterns?!) That is
supposed to be a doo rag on his head (the ears make it
a little complicated). Those are dread locks (Jack Sparrow),
and he has an eye patch. He looks like a traditional
pirate to me!
for those of you who do not know about the decorated
hogs: Our town hosts the annual Uncle Earl's Hog Dog
Trials, a competition involving hog hunting dogs and
real hogs in an arena. the dogs bay the hogs and receive
points, etc Hog hunters come from all the country and
parts of the world to participate. It is a really big deal....
The Chamber of Commerce rents out the 800 lb concrete
pigs for the businesses to decorate in order to advertise
the festival. And people really seem to enjoy the pigs.
A woman today from Arkansas told me she keeps a
photo album of all the pigs from year to year...what
a hoot!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"For lo, the Winter is Past..."

This is the sparrow photo I just took the other day,
with the scripture now added, from the Song of Solomon.

And this is one of the crabapple pics I took just this spring
also. Can you tell I love the flowers during this season?
I am busy getting these catalogued and organized in
order to start sending them off to the publishers for
consideration. (If anyone out there wants to volunteer
to be my assistant, I sure need

"GloryBee" Scripture Photos 12 x 18 $45.00
available as notecards and smaller prints

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Beginning...

Someone asked me this week, "When did I start doing
photography?" Most people think of me as a painter,
or someone who draws; but my photographs have always
come first. I started taking pictures in my teens. And I
bought my first 35 mm camera, a Vivitar, when I was
18. My father split the cost with me (it was $189.00!)
This is me, about 19, on the banks of a stream in central
Texas, shooting some scenery. My brother took this
picture of me, and it is one of a very few where I am in the

I have always started with the photos, and used them as

references for paintings and drawings. With the advent of

all this digital stuff, my photographs have been elevated into

the "art" catagory as well. It is much easier to take them,

print them, and share them. My brother will be so amused

to hear me say all that....I was dragged kicking and screaming

into the digital age. But I have no choice now, and I have

learned to embrace it.

This is one of the first photos I tried to market and sell. I

just sold another print of this image just last week. It is

somewhere on a quaint corner in Venice.

I am preparing to submit some images soon to some

Christian publishers...will have to see what happens!

It's time for the circle to come full circle I hope.

Venice Lamp Post 11 x 14 $50.00

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog GiveAway Winner!

I drew a winning name this weekend for this
little French watercolor. Cheryl A is the winner!
I have notified her and she will be able to come
by the gallery and pick up her prize.
Stay tuned....I will be giving away other stuff
soon. Why don't some of you tell me what you
would like for me to give away?! I am open to
Welcome to some of my new readers...I appreciate
your support!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I mentioned I had been trying to photograph some
of our little backyard birds over the weekend. This
wisteria is in full bloom, and I was trying to combine
the two! After reviewing all 50 shots I took, this is
the best one. It was really difficult trying to capture
the birds in the bush...they move really fast! Some of
my pics have little brown blurs in them...too slow.
I like this one, and I am going to add some scripture
about God and sparrows....perfect.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For the Birds

Spent the day working on this collage...using an old window
frame, a canvas, some old buttons, some beaded board,.....

here's the buttons...I bought a whole sack of them
last year at Round Top Antique Fair out in Texas...

I keep a whole stash of salvaged materials: tin ceiling
beaded board, scrap wood, hinges, door plates, etc....

I just took these yesterday, and decided to incorporate
them in the collage moss grew on these digital

The finished piece is large, 30 x 40. The window
frame is attached to the canvas, which is painted
here and there with a taupe color. I glued the buttons
on last, and I will seal the whole thing tomorrow.
I worked on it outside all was a perfect
day. Welcome Spring!!!

BirdSong Collage 30x40 Canvas

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Got to spend some time this afternoon in the
yard with me, the camera, and the cats. I wanted
to try to get some shots of our backyard birds.
I have located the feeders near the trees and
bushes that I can photograph easily to try and
get some good shots. I took several of some
sparrows and one of the bluebirds. As you can
see however, Dewey had his "eye on the sparrows"
as well. He thwarted some of my efforts.
I will use these for some scripture photos that I
am going to submit to some Christian publishers

At the Bank

My friend sent me a photo of me at the Contemporary
Artist's Guild show reception. That is my watercolor
of some eucalyptus trees in Greece. The show is held in
the lobby of the Capital One Bank down in Alexandria, and
will be up through next Thursday, the 24th.

Being Positve in a Negative World

These are Brianne's butterflies.

these are Katherine's dragonflies

these are my lady bugs....

One of the "art" things I do each week is teach
some beginner lessons to some children in the
community. It is such fun; they are so eager to try
something new each time. This past week, my two
talented 6th grade girls did this little project along with
me. It was a lesson about positive and negative shapes,
and I had them draw the geometric shapes first. Then
they traced the bug of their choice overlapping the shapes.
Then they colored them in, interchanging the postive and
negative values inside and outside the shapes.
I thought they turned out really neat, and I told them
I would post them here.

then, this week, we added the element of color.
This is my example for them...these graphic
dragonflies. They are still working on their's...will
have to share the final results.

for info on Art Classes:
Beginner Drawing Classes: Pea Patch Gallery
Wednesday Afternoons 4-5pm. Ages 10 and up
$10.00 an hour Please call to sign up...thanks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Tea

"So I must rise at early dawn, as busy as can be,
To get my daily labor done, and pluck the leafy tea."
ballad of the tea pickers Ch'ing dynasty 1644
I have been working on some other tea designs
for the series. I am not satisfied with the others
I have done. I have been in a hurry to get
something done, and haven't invested the time
I needed to in developing a style or look for
the book. These are a little more graphic...and
colorful. I am still working on some. I love the
collage look as well, and I am doing some of those
too....should have some to share for consideration.
I will be drawing a name for the watercolor this
weekend, so send me an email or make a comment
to enter.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Wander

This is my next scheduled trip, and we are beginning
to sign up now. It will be to Peru and Machu Pichu,
and it is scheduled for April 19, 2012. It is 11 days,
and I am flying out of New Orleans (not necessary).
It will be a great experience, and I would love for you
to join us. I will be taking photographs and painting
some, but that is not required! Non painters are
welcome, too.
If you would like more info, get in touch with me and
I can send you a detailed itinerary. I am excited already.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends and Winners

One of my favorite pieces from the show. It is a

JoAnne and her 2nd place painting of some banyan trees.

My friend Margie Tate's azaleas in oil.

My Santorini watercolor

This is the first place winner. It is a mixed media piece,

and is title Sunset Dream. It is done by a Barry Owen

who lives there is Alexandria. Congrats Barry!

I attended the CAG member show reception on

Sunday afternoon. It was well attended, and I enjoyed

viewing all of the entries.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Showtime in Dallas

"Monkey Business" colored pencil Gail H. Shelton

"Top This" colored pencil Gail H. Shelton
The Colored Pencil Society of America holds its'
annual convention in August. This year's location
is Dallas, TX. In conjunction with the convention,
they host their international juried exhibition. The deadline
for entry is March 31st, so I just finished entering these
two colored pencil drawings for consideration. A juror will
view all the entries, and select about 80-100 pieces from
around 1600 entries. This show is always very competitive,
and hard to get in. I have managed to do it 5 times. But I
have also been rejected several times, too! Hopefully, one of
these two will catch the juror's attention and make the cut.
I also dropped off two watercolors this morning in Alexandria
at the Capitol One Bank building downtown for the annual
Contemporary Artist's Guild Member show. The members
may enter 2 pieces, and these are judged as well, and prize
money awarded. I will go to the opening reception Sunday
afternoon, and see if I win anything. It is always a very
eclectic show...the guild members work in a variety of mediums,
and have a variety of subject matter. I will try to take some
photos to share.
go to to see the organization and samples of
colored pencil artwork...amazing

Friday, March 11, 2011

Irish Bayou

On our way out of New Orleans, we passed
through an area known as Irish Bayou. It is
home to some shrimp fisherman, and I decided
to stop and take a few boat pics. (If you remember
any of my Greece photos, you know how much
I love boats!) Anyway, here's a few. The sun
was setting over Lake Pontchartrain...sounds like
a song!
I am going to draw a name for the watercolor
painting giveaway soon. Get your name in the
hat by leaving a comment or sending me an email.
Good Luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Man River

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to take the riverboat
ride down to the Battle of New Orleans site. It was a
beautiful day.
We sat near the rear of the boat, and the paddle wheel was
right outside. It was surprisingly quiet after we got underway.

Two of the first landmarks we passed were the Jax
Brewery building which houses shops and restaurants,
and Jackson Square.

This is the Domino Sugar Factory which has been
producing sugar from sugar cane for over a century.

There are lots of docks and warehouses along the bank,
and I loved the character of this one. It would make a
great watercolor!

We left the boat and toured the battlefield site. This
is the Napoleon House, a plantation house located
there at the State Park.

This is the Battle of New Orleans monument and
tourist center. After the historical presentation, we
boarded the boat and traveled upstream back into
This was a relaxing and informative trip. The boat is
comfortable, with a glassed inside viewing area, and
an outside top deck. They serve food and drink, and
have music on board as well. The narration was great,
and I learned a lot about the river and history that I
did not know. And I got to photograph some views of
the river, boats, and the bank that you cannot see any
other way. So, if you are down that way, check it out.
It's a great way to spend a couple of hours away from
some of the hustle and bustle of the city!