Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pastel Demo

I have mentioned before that I still teach art to young students, and I get to do it on Wednesdays. Today I instructed them in a beginner exercise using pastels. I did this small demo for them, step by step, and they followed along. I have found this to be the best method for most art lessons...I do a little, you watch, and then you do a little. I think they called that "guided practice" back in the day.... (all you teachers will appreciate that!) I copied this landscape from a fine book I own on the subject. It is called, "The Poetic Landscape", and it features some lovely artwork. The students I had today are only in middle school, so the simplicity of this was just right for them. They finished their drawing in an hour, and we matted them. And they were very proud; way to go!
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