Sunday, March 20, 2011

For the Birds

Spent the day working on this collage...using an old window
frame, a canvas, some old buttons, some beaded board,.....

here's the buttons...I bought a whole sack of them
last year at Round Top Antique Fair out in Texas...

I keep a whole stash of salvaged materials: tin ceiling
beaded board, scrap wood, hinges, door plates, etc....

I just took these yesterday, and decided to incorporate
them in the collage moss grew on these digital

The finished piece is large, 30 x 40. The window
frame is attached to the canvas, which is painted
here and there with a taupe color. I glued the buttons
on last, and I will seal the whole thing tomorrow.
I worked on it outside all was a perfect
day. Welcome Spring!!!

BirdSong Collage 30x40 Canvas
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