Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pieces of New Orleans

I had someone interested in some collages of
New Orleans. I had done some awhile ago, but
they were all sold (that's a good problem!), so I
decided to do her a couple to choose from. Here's some
of the process:
1. Select some photos, papers, vintage postcards, etc
I am building these on some 12 x 12 canvases, so I need
to paint them first. This will be a nice taupe color, a good
neutral to add these elements on top of.

The finished product...still drying. I add the papers
and photos with Modge Podge (you know, the stuff we
used to glue all those pics onto empty bottles with!?)

Here's the other one. The little black lace fleur de lis
things are a pair of earrings I took apart.
These are fun for me, and I get
some quick results. I am having a hard time with some
of the things I am working on right now because they
are such long term projects. And I might not see the
results for a long time (I am referring to all the licensing
stuff). Sometimes I just want to finish something!
so here they are. I feel better!

12 x 12 New Orleans Collages $50 each

I am getting some comments and emails that will enter
their name in the drawing for the French watercolor...
don't forget. I will draw soon!
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