Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Trio of Riddles

Three more "RiddlePics" the end of the month.
I am drawing the name of one of the followers tonight,
and I will announce the winner tomorrow! They will
receive an original drawing of a RiddlePic of their
choice. The winner can pick from some of the ones
I have posted, or can commission one. (as long as I
can draw it!:)
Original RiddlePics 9x9 Ink and Marker drawings
$50.00 each

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Framed "Glory Bee" Graphic

I have been working on these scripture photos for
awhile now. I have put together a catalog, and I
am starting to market them. This is a photo of one
of them framed. This lamp was on a wall in New Orleans,
and I took this photo late in the afternoon, thus the
long shadows.
If you would like to know more about these photos,
please email me, and I can send you more information.
They are available as notecards, small and large prints,
and canvas prints. Would make great gifts for pastors,
ministers, friends, etc.
(this is just one of the 20 in the catalog)
"Glory Bee" graphics Scripture Photos

Paris Re-visited

I had done several of these Paris collages
before Christmas, and I had sold most of
them. So I took a break from the RiddlePics,
and finished these 2 new collages. I still have
to add a couple of finishing touches. They are
larger than the other ones; these are 16 x 20
on canvas. They will go up in the gallery in the
"American in Paris" exhibit that will be there
for another couple of months.
I will get back to riddles....
Photo Collages on Canvas 16 x 20 $85.00 each

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nobody's Favorite

I grew up with two older brothers, and I couldn't
have been more of a tomboy. I tagged along with
them on hunting and fishing trips, and did most
everything they did.
Growing up in Texas, there were lots of these
creatures around. I have heard them in person,
and the buzzing sound is quite a chilling experience.
Just a couple of days till I give one away! Your
choice, if you are the winner.
Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50.00 each

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Money Animals

Two cases of money riddles.
The last buffalo I saw were around the LBJ State
Park west of Austin, Texas. There is a herd they
keep there that stays near the road, and you can
photograph them easily.
There used to be some stables here and a family
that raised this type of horse. I loved to drive by
and see the frisky young colts galloping all over the
fields. I believe they are bred to run, and they started
young. Beautiful...
I will be giving away one of these original drawings
this Sunday, the 31st. I will draw a name from among the
list of followers. All you have to do is sign's free, and
you don't have to blog!
Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50.00 each

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Servings a Day

I don't really have much to say about this one...
I know these things are a nuisance. But I do love maybe it's a yinyang kind of thing!

Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50 each

A Friend named Jack

Several years ago, Jack Hanna made an appearance
at the zoo nearby, and I attended the event. It was
a luncheon where he did a presentation about
wildlife, and showed us some of his animals. It was
great. I have always liked him, and I was anxious to
meet him. I had taken some of my "RiddlePic"
artwork with me to give to him. I did get to meet
him, and he was impressed with my work. He loved
the word pun idea. I told him I would draw one for
him. His pet rabbit is named "Jack", and I ended up
drawing him one of these RiddlePics. In return, he
sent me a copy of one of his children's books about
animals. It was all pretty cool.
Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50.00

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring Workshop Schedule

I teach a variety of classes at my gallery
in Winnfield, LA. I am doing a couple
this spring, and here is the schedule. All
of the classes are for beginners or intermediates,
ages 10 and up. They are from 10:30 am to
3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. We provide lunch
served in the cafe. Supply lists are available upon
registration, and some supplies are included.
All classes are $40.00

1. Collage on Canvas Feb 13 Fun and easy for
anyone. Lots of cut and paste. Will complete one
canvas during the class.
2. Artist's Trading Cards March 13 Will make small
works of art and trade them with members of the
class and me! Lots of fun (look up Art trading cards
online to see some examples)
3. Watercolor on Location April 17 Beginning watercolor
at Gail's home Will paint outdoors weather permitting
4. Pastel Drawing May 22 Beginning instruction in pastel
chalk drawing

Call or email to register at least 2 weeks in advance please.
Pea Patch Gallery 109 S. Abel Winnfield, LA 71483

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the love of chocolate

I just watched some interview with Sarah Palin, and
she said she was going to make some moose stew
for dinner. It made me do this "RiddlePic".
When I was in Alaska, I wanted so much to see a
moose. I saw several from the windows of the speeding
train or bus, but none up close. The only one I did
see up close was at the zoo in Anchorage. And all my
photos of him have a chain link fence in them!
Original RiddlePic 9x9 $50.00
One week to sign up as a follower to be eligible for
the blog giveaways...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sea and Star

Two more "RiddlePics"...They don't really go
together, but I finished them both tonight, and
decided to put them both up.
Original RiddlePics 9x9 Marker and Bristol
$50.00 each
Free One at the end of the Month to a Follower!

Friday, January 22, 2010

When I was about 10, I took a drawing class
down at the YMCA in the summer. We learned
to draw some cartoon animals, simple shapes,
with some personality. I loved it. And I can
still draw some of those first little cartoons I
learned a LONG time ago!! Anyway, one of the
animals we learned to draw was a horse. And
when I teach children, it is almost always the
one animal they want to draw.

I think I read somewhere that there is a special
bond between horses and people. And I am sure
those who raise them and care for them could
testify to that. I have never had a horse, but I
have ridden them. And they are thrilling to be

This RiddlePic is one of those old sayings. One
of the judges in our little town has one of my more
finished versions of this in his office. His wife
bought it for him because she told me he says it
all the time! (like I believe this is all he says>?!)
Anyway, if you are a follower, you could win this
one, or one of your choice at the end of the month.

Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50 each Bristol board/marker

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Botanical Amphibian

As I sit at my drawing desk at home, I face an outside
window. I use a fairly bright light, and all night, small
bugs congregate all over the window. In the summer,
these little guys cling to the window and feast on the
multitudes. All I can see is their underbellies and their
sticky, padded feet from my side of the window. I
think this is a better view.
Original "RiddlePics" 9x9 Bristol Board, Ink, & Marker
$50.00 each

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A State and Local thing

Just a reminder: Become a follower and be eligible
for giveaways. This month: an original "RiddlePic"
of your choice!
Our local high school football team's mascot is
the tiger....and of course, LSU's is as well.
Consequently, I draw a lot of tigers. As the art
teacher at the high school, I drew them on
homecoming doors, posters, signs, bulletin
boards, spirit ribbons (you get the idea). And
as a fine artist, I have drawn and sold many
more serious ones.
This is just one as a "RiddlePic" to join the others.
I am sure you can hum the tune...
Original RiddlePics 9x9 $50.00

Two for One, and One for Free

I've been having so much fun with these RiddlePics.
Here's two more. My husband, (who is extremely
left-brained?!) could not guess the top one. But he
got the bottom one. More to come.
I think I will give an original one away at the end
of this month. The winner will have their choice.
To be eligible to win, you need to be one of the
followers. I draw the winning name from among
the list of followers. So sign up, and you may be the
lucky one this month!
I am signing up for an art licensing workshop in NYC
later this spring. I am so excited. It is taught by
Cheryl Phelps, and covers licensing greeting cards
and other products, self promotion, trade shows,
developing a product line, etc. You can google her
and see her work. I am sure I will learn alot. It may
not be too late to teach an old dog a new trick!
RiddlePics originals 9x9 $50 each

Monday, January 18, 2010

It takes a Pair

When I started doing the RiddlePics several
years ago, this was the second one I did. I
sold the original to a woman from Winnfield
who buys them for her daughters. This is
a much more comical version...but I like it.
"RiddlePic" original 12 x 12 $50.00

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Later Gator

another "RiddlePic"...kind of a Louisiana

The Shutterfly book I was working on is
a collection of the scripture photos I have
been doing. I call them "Glory Bee Graphics",
and I included about 20 of them in the
catalog. They are available in 12 x 18 prints,
11 x 14 prints, 5 x 7 notecards, or 24 x 36
canvas prints. I am going to use the catalog
books to market the images. They should be
here in a couple of days.

"RiddlePics" original 9 x 9 ink, marker on
Bristol $50.00 each

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hooray for New Orleans!

In honor of New Orleans and the Saints, I decided
to post some New Orleans photos today. I haven't
been drawing today; I have been working on a
Shutterfly book online ALL day. Anyway, more on
that later.
The 'hear no evil, see no evil, etc...monkeys were
in a shop window down on Royal Street. I thought
they were hilarious. The church silhouette is the
famous St. Louis Cathedral. And the poster in the
window is George Rodrigue's really famous "Blue Dog".
The city is one of the most fascinating place to me.
And I am happy they have something to be excited
and hopeful about. Who dat??

Friday, January 15, 2010


I bet you never thought of this saying in
terms of bugs and objects...well, here it is.
I think it would make a great t-shirt.
Let me know how you like it....

Just a little chicken

A fun little chicken....and my favorite time
of year! RiddlePic mania!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making a Marker

I got in the markers, a set of 48 Dick Blick
studio markers. They are beautiful, and I
am enjoying playing with them.
I colored this little "RiddlePic" using them.
It is on Bristol paper. I am going to experiment
some more. too much fun..

Riddle Pic Revival

Several years ago (nine to be exact), I started
a series of drawings that combine an animal
and an object, and when said together, they
form a word pun. I called them "RiddlePics".
I have done lots of them. I published them in
calendars, sold originals and prints, t-shirts,
etc. I have always enjoyed doing them.
I am going to start doing some in a more
graphic cartoon style. I have made a list of
about 110...and I am going to start doing them,
going down the list! This is the first one. You
can leave a comment to guess it. I am waiting
on some markers I ordered to color it. I wanted
a slicker look than the colored pencil I usually use.
I plan to eventually publish them in a small book.
You can let me know if you would be interested
in one. Let me hear from you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"I am the vine, You are the branches."

Two more scripture photos. The top one is from my
recent trip out to Texas. I posted some photos of
these neat old oak trees a few nights ago. The dark
branches make an interesting pattern against the
blue winter sky.
The swamp photo was taken out at Saline Lake, near
Winnfield. The lake is filled with cypress trees and
Spanish moss, and looks very typical of south
Louisiana. It is a great fishing destination, and there
are many hunting and fishing camps around the
lake. I have a few friends who live out there, and
I ventured out to their camps last fall to take some
of these photos.
Scripture Photo Fine Art Prints: 12 x 18 $35.00

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beach is the Word

Another couple of scripture photos, this time from
the beach. I took the photo of the child running into
the surf in Costa Rica. It was sunset, and his family
had just gotten there. The little boy jumped out of
their car, and ran toward the water. He dodged waves,
running back and forth, squealing with delight. I asked
his parents if I could photograph him, and they agreed.
The starfish photo I took in Galveston. I was there
on a humanitarian trip to deliver some clothing to the
victims of the hurricane. The beach was virtually deserted,
and there was damage everywhere. I believe, however,
that real joy can be found in difficult situations, and many
of the Galveston people did just that.
Scripture Photos: Train a Child / Starfish Joy
12 x 18 Photo Print/Fine Art Rag Paper $35.00
5x7 notecard $5.00

Peace like a River

I don't know if it is as cold where you are as it is
here, but it was a good day to stay inside. I spent
some time working on a few scripture photos. I am
getting ready to start marketing them as either
prints or notecards.

This photo was taken back in the fall at Lake
Claiborne in northwest Louisiana. The water level
had gone down, and the wonderful sand ripple patterns
were left behind. They stretched the length of the
shore, and I enjoyed posing leaves on the ridges in
different ways. I think this is the first one I took, and
it is one of my favorites.

I will be giving away something this month; haven't
really decided what yet. But if you sign up to be a
"follower", you will be eligible for the giveaways.
Welcome to my new follower; I look forward to several
more of you joining up!
Scripture Photos 12 x 18 Fine Art photo $35.00
5 x 7 blank notecard + envelope $5.00

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Boy Final

I believe I am finished with this drawing...I have
tweaked on it all night.
My best drawing teacher was Mr. Buscaglia during
my freshman year at the University of Texas.
He was determined to say the least. We stood at
our easels for 3 hours, three days a week. And
drew. I hear his voice in my head each time I
work on a drawing, remembering his wisdom
and knowledge. I did not always appreciate
it then...but I do now! I guess that is the
legacy of a good teacher.
for info on Children's portraits:


I've made a little progress on this drawing of
this little boy..will try to finish tonight.
My longhorns didn't fare too well. I feel so
sorry for Colt; but wasn't he a gracious and
strong loser. I loved his Christian comments.
I believe God will bless him for his faithfulness
and boldness.
for info on Children's portraits:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go Horns...Hook Em'

I attended the University of Texas in Austin
my freshman year in college...majoring in Studio the 70's....yes, last century!? Anyway,
I saw this fine looking longhorn on my recent
trip to Texas, and thought I would post him in
honor of the game today. As an avid LSU fan
as well, I am for anyone who can beat Alabama...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Beginning

Starting the new year starting to draw this
new little boy. This is the first stage of
blocking in and starting to shade lightly.
I think I have said before that I like to do
the eyes early in the piece, because if they
are not right...the whole thing will not be
correct. And they are the most fun to
draw! The drawing seems to come to life
once the eyes are done.
"Here's looking at you, kid".
For info on children's portraits:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Bird

I remembered that I said I would give one
of these prints away to one of my followers.
I drew a name, and Kim is the winner. I will
try to send her a message, so she can receive
her print.
I have heard we may get some more snow this
week. Maybe some new snow photos will be in
the works!

Baby Boy in Black and White

This is my next commission piece...isn't he
adorable?! Someone paid for this piece as
a gift last Christmas, and they just now sent
the photo. I think they were waiting for him
to get a little older! And now, here he is. This
should be fun to do. Will keep you posted.
For info on Children's Portraits:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Silouette

Winter strips the leaves from these beautiful
trees, revealing their knarled structure. I really
enjoyed seeing them on my long drive through
the countryside. I believe they are oaks....either
bur oaks or pin oaks, etc...? Anyway, I think they
look like Halloween trees...very spooky. They
looked sunning against the clear blue Texas sky.

Charming Boerne

One of the small towns I love to visit near
San Antonio is Boerne. I did the Christmas
poster for them a couple of years ago. This
trip I did some shopping. The town was all
decked out, and it was a beautiful day.
I was intrigued by the Metro sign at one of
the shops...that is a real Paris sign. I just
saw many of them last spring while in Paris.
I wonder how it showed up in Boerne?!

On the Backroads

When I drive to San Antonio, I take the back way.
I am only on the interstate for about an hour. The
other 8 hours are on mostly two lane roads. I love
to see the small towns and farms. Watching for
antique stores is an entertaining pastime. This
shop is in Caldwell, Texas, and I stopped here to
stretch my legs, and shop around. You never know
what kind of treasures you might find. I bought some
things here that I am going to use in some collages
in the near future. Art and antiques...who knew?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from San Antonio!

It can't possibly really be 2010....I thought
we would all be in flying cars by now?!
I am in San Antonio, and we just watched
the fireworks sparkle over the Tower of
the America's in downtown. ooohh...ahhhh
These are photos inside my favorite Mexican
food restaurant where we ate today...MiTierra's
in El Mercado in downtown as well. It is all
decked out for Christmas in a very merry way.
I hope you all got to ring in the new year in
a wonderful way...may the new year hold only
the best for you.