Monday, January 31, 2011

All You Need is Love

As I look out my home studio window, it is a grey,
rainy, dreary day. But I love Sundays...time to
worship, fellowship with the family, take a nap!
And I usually get to draw or paint something. I
got a few more of these heart designs done. And
I am still working on the book.
I am going to give some of these away on Valentine's leave me a comment, and I will draw the
winners from the list.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine GiveAway

This is the next give honor of Valentine's
Day coming up! It is an original watercolor and ink,
about 5 x 6 inches. I will double mat it to fit an
8 x 10 frame. I will draw a name from the next
20 people who leave me a comment. I won't draw
till Valentine's Day.
I might just paint several more, and draw several leave me a comment. I would love to
send one of these to you! all in the name of love....

Page One

I am still working on this tea cup book for
Leanin Tree. I am just getting started. I have
done a lot of page elements like the dots at the
bottom, some stripes, small images to add to
the text as I go. I will probably edit a lot!
But it is a start! and that is always the hardest.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Are there things in your life that you tell yourself,
"I'm going to get around to that some day...."
I can those things, "rountooits". I have whole lists
of them.
I received a really interesting gift at Christmas,
however, that should help me get around to one
of my tasks. This is the Stratford Labs negative
scanner; a fascinating little device that scans
negatives into your computer and converts them
to a digital image! wow! I only started to take
digital images with a digital camera about 4 years
ago. Until then, all of my photos were taken with
a Canon SLR on film. (some of you may wonder
what that is?!) Anyway, I must have 10,000
negatives filed and stored away. And some of them
are priceless images, at least to me. So, the white
azalea you see above, was the first of many I hope
to scan into my computer. It will be time consuming,
but I hope to do a few a day, and at least get "rountoo"
some of it!
Stratford Labs Negative Scanner: scans all sizes of
negatives and slides Check for prices
and availability

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to Work

I am finally getting back around to working on some
of these licensing designs. The first set of things I
am going to do is this tea cup series. I plan to do
some card designs, stationary stuff, some flag designs,
coasters, etc. These are just the sketches for some
of the finished pieces. I also plan to do a digital photo
book with some text from a tea cup presentation that
I have done for years. It deals with handling adversity,
and how as women, "we get stronger in hot water."
It will all coordinate, (hopefully), and I plan to send it
to Leanin Tree and several other companies.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watercolour Ponies by Wayne Watson

Another great song by will touch your heart. Having lost a child, the reminder that our children are out of our lives quickly, is especially poignant for me. I shed a tear everytime I hear this one. May it make us keenly aware of how much we need to make of the time we have, with our families, our friends, and those we need to reach out to.
You can check out Wayne's site for upcoming concerts, his blog, and his music.

Touch of the Master's Hand - Wayne Watson

Last night I attended a small concert by Christian singer Wayne Watson at the BCM at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston.
My husband and his sister went to Tech and knew Wayne and his girlfriend, Lynn, who was from Winnfield. Wayne married Lynn, and my sister in law was in the wedding. We have all
admired his talent and listened to his music over the years. He is an incredible singer, and his message is always so heartfelt. It was so special to get to see him in an intimate setting, and we got to visit with him before the show, and he spoke fondly of old times with his friends at Tech. My niece Caroline is very active in the BCM, and she got to meet him as well, and enjoy hearing his wonderful music.
Here's one of his most popular songs. It has a great message about the worth that God imparts to each of us through the salvation He provides through Jesus. I hope you enjoy it. Have a
very blessed day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Real Treat

The "Evening in Greece" at the gallery last night
was a real treat. I didn't really get to take many
pics (I was busy serving plates and waiting tables!)
But I did manage to take a shot of this yummy
Here's the entire menu:
Appetizer Course: Tsatziki Sauce (cucumber yogurt)
Greek Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes,
olives, onions)
Pita Bread
First Course: Shrimp with Orzo
Main Course: Roasted Leg of Lamb, Vegetable Medley
(eggplant, zucchini, onions, tomatoes)
Roasted Potatoes
Dessert Course: Walnut Syrup Cake
Greek Yogurt, Fruit, and Honey
There were some special guests there last night. My
cousin and his wife from New Orleans were able to
attend. And my old friend, Dr. Bill Spillers, from
Shreveport came and brought three friends,
including a Greek native, Dimitri, and his daughter
who is majoring in Art at LSUS. It was quite intimidating
to do my Greek presentation about the trip in front of
someone who grew up there! But he nodded his
approval after every pronunciation made by me, and
I was quite relieved to hear his compliments at the
conclusion of the evening. And he loved the food as
well, so Pete was very pleased. My daughter also did
lots of the cooking...she prepared the appetizers, the
Greek salad, and baked the little walnut cakes. They
make a great team, and I am so proud of them.

Speaking of trips, it is time to put a deposit down for the Charleston and Savannah trip. The deposit is $300. If any of you are interested, you can let me know and I can get you signed up.

And a Good Time was had by All

We had such a great time tonight. The Evening
in Greece was spendid. My son in law, Pete, really
outdid himself with the food; it was delicious. I will
have to post the whole menu tomorrow night...along
with pics.
I believe everyone enjoyed themselves; experienced
some different tastes; and learned a little something
about Greece as well. We can't wait to do something
similar again. stay tuned....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One for the Money, Two for the Show

Two more that are going to be entered into a
show. The Tom Peyton Memorial Art Show in
Alexandria is coming up, and the deadline to enter
was today. I entered these two. You have probably
seen them before. They were done last year, and
were entered in various shows. So now this year,
I will shuffle them around and enter them in
different shows! You try to get the most bang
for your buck out of some good pieces, and enter
them where they might earn some money. So,
hopefully the judge will find them worthy, and include
them in the exhibit.
We are all set up for the Greek night Saturday night.
We are expecting 30 people, and it should be an
enjoyable evening. Will try to post some pics from the
event tomorrow night.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day of Painting

Watercolor on Canvas Workshop

These smiling faces are proudly holding their
watercolor creations that they finished today in
the workshop. It was a group mostly from the
Art Guild in Natchitoches. Some were experienced
painters, and some were real beginners. This was
a new medium for all of them however, and we
had a great time learning the new techniques. The
subject matter is the Royal Street Grocery in New
Orleans. I think they all did a super job!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too Many Hats

It is the start of the spring show season in the
art world. And even though I am actively pursuing
the licensing angle with my art, I am a fine artist
at heart. And I have so many good pieces that I
just can't help entering them in a couple of shows.
So, this one went out today. "All That Jazz" is a
colored pencil drawing and it is now entered in this
show out in Texas. The juror is Marileigh Schulte
from Rancho Santa Fe in California. She enjoys
figurative work in an impressionistic style, and likes
dramatic light and deep rich color. So, I thought
this piece would grab her attention. Hopefully
she will select it for the show.
I am busy finishing up my presentation for
the Greek evening this Saturday, and I am
teaching a watercolor on canvas workshop in
the morning at my studio! whew... it will be
time to rest on Sunday for sure!

Two Artists to Love

I like getting the chance to see so many different
artists' work during market. These were two that
stood out for me. Patience Brewster is doing a
really creative nativity series, and she also does
other characters. Her website is:
The other artist is Lucinda Wei. She is doing some
creative graphic designs for wrapping paper, etc.
Her website is:
I am busy working on the Greek Evening that will
take place this weekend. I am preparing the
power point, and getting the menu ready, and the
shop as well. Today was our deadline for reservations.
I believe we have 30 signed up, and that was our
goal. For those of you who are coming, it is going
to be enjoyable. I am looking forward to sharing it
all with you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lead at Leanin' Tree

Before I left market, I did manage to go by and
see this company, Leanin Tree Publishers. I met
one of the sales reps, and she reviewed my portfolio,
and loved my work. I was able to get the contact info
for the creative director, and I will follow up and send
her a design packet with a variety of my work.
Many of my designs would be very suitable for cards
and stationary. This is one of the companies that I
wanted to get in touch with, and I am glad that I did
it! I have been encouraged by so many people during
my art career, and I hope to be able to take it a few
steps further.

Back from Market

I was in Atlanta to look into the art licensing
aspect of the market, but I was also there to
buy some things for my retail shop. The
jewelry in the photo was made by Lizou, and I
really loved it. Her website is:
Check out the other website:
This booth had some jewelry and other fun stuff.
I love birds and they had several in their designs.

Some other interesting booths with some artsy

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Bite and a Nibble in Atlanta

Still in Atlanta, trying to make some contacts.
I did get a nibble today from a company called,
"Fancy That" Gift Decor out of Greensboro, NC.
I met one of their reps over lunch, and she viewed
my portfolio and loved it. She suggested I get together
some of my collections, and submit them to her boss.
She especially liked the shells and coastal designs.
They do a lot of coastal and "Florida" lines.
I will get some things together as soon as I get home,
and send them along.
When I left market, I walked up the street to one of
my favorite restaurants, Pitty Pat's Porch. I had some
shrimp and grits, and it was delicious.
I will try to do some more networking tomorrow!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Atlanta and Appointments

I am in Atlanta at the Gift Mart, amid the ice and
snow on the streets! I met briefly today with a
woman with this company, The Painted Planet.
They represent 22 artists, and license their designs
to various manufacturers. I simply wanted some
feedback on my portfolio, and she obliged.
She basically said that she could tell I was from a
fine art background. She said that I needed to design
more specifically for products. And to think about
how well the designs would transfer to the product.
She thought the more painterly things (the pastels,
the watercolors) wouldn't translate as well as the
more linear designs.
It was interesting to hear her comments. I hope tomorrow
to hand out some brochures, and make some contacts.
I did finally get to meet Vickie, who is also an artist
seeking to get into the licensing field. It was good to
exchange some ideas and some insight with a colleague.
We both will have to keep our chins up, and to forge

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Page

This is the last page I am adding to the portfolio.
I have used this design on various things: t-shirts,
prints, notecards. I have used it in connection
with a ministry that I do, speaking about the
ways that women do get stronger after some
adversity. I have made the presentation in
churches, at conventions, women's meetings,
etc. I have really enjoyed sharing with other
women the ways God has helped me to overcome
many different situations, and to view life with
enthusiasm and a postive attitude.

I still do the "teacup ministry", and if you have an
occasion where the subject would be appropriate,
feel free to contact me. I do not charge to speak.
I only ask for the opportunity to sell some of my
wares, including teacup themed items and artwork.

I will try to post while away. I hope that I have
exciting news to share.
gail shelton art

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time for Cupcakes

One of the last pages before I go....everyone's favorite
cupcakes. I see them everywhere; on plates and napkins,
cards, embroidered, on ceramics. It is interesting how
images come and go. My mother's kitchen when I was young
was decorated in roosters (in the 60's). And now I see them
everywhere also. We will have to see how long this trend
gail shelton art

Monday, January 10, 2011

Crunch Time

"Only put off till tomorrow
what you are willing to die
having left undone."
Pablo Picasso

A few more portfolio pages. I leave for Atlanta in
a few days, and I am busy adding pages to my presentation.
There is a variety here: acrylic paintings on square canvases
(the ferns and the dragonflies); colored pencil drawings (hollyhocks,
sunflowers, and the magnolia).
I have never been able to limit myself to one medium or one
style! There have been times at art festivals when people have
asked me how many different artists were represented in the
booth! I just tell them I have multiple personalities (I don't).
I am hoping that the licensing reps will be impressed with the
variety of styles and mediums. I guess I will find out soon.
gail shelton art
"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done."


I worked up this page tonight from an older
set of paintings. They are ink and watercolor.
I sold the pair last year. But I was able to do
the page from the digital files. I painted the
extra border and the round medallion.
These go well with the current blue, brown,
and aqua color scheme.
I will add it to the portfolio.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

LSU Proud

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Cotton
Bowl game last night in the beautiful new Cowboy
Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The giant screen over
the field is really something to see. It stretches from
the 20 yard line to the other 20 yard line, and the
picture is crystal clear. It was really great to be able
to see the player's expressions, and fans and students
up close on the jumbo tron. And it was really great
to win! The Tigers did us proud.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Classical Greek Columns

More Greece collection. Lots of columns!
Go Tigers! We're off to the game!

Classical Greece Collection

I put together a whole Classical Greece collection
last night. I had so much work from the show, it was
just a matter of laying it out into portfolio pages.
I leave next Thursday to go to Atlanta, and I am
excited about the possibilities.
I have had several call and sign up the the Greek
evening at the gallery. There is still plenty of room.
If you are interested, please call and make your
reservation. The tickets are $25 each, or $40 a couple.
That includes the Greek meal, and the gallery talk.
It should be a very enjoyable evening, and I am looking
forward to it.
An Evening in Greece Jan 22 6 pm 318-628-3560
gail shelton art

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Desert Blooms

Two more for the portfolio (are you getting tired of
seeing these?!) Growing up in Texas, I always loved
the prickly pear blossoms in the spring. There are
places in the hill country that are painted with these
colorful blooms. And they are such a metaphor for have to take the thorns with the petals!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just the Ticket

This is an open invitation to anyone who would like
to come and enjoy a fun and educational evening.
We are going to do a Greek evening at the gallery.
My son in law, a very accomplished cook, is going to
serve up an authentic Greek meal for everyone in
the cafe. After dinner, I will do a presentation
about the trip to Greece, and an explanation of
some of the Greek artwork. I will be giving away
some art during the event as well.
We will sell tickets for the event, and space is limited.
The tickets are $25 each, or $40 a couple.
Call the gallery for info or to make a reservation by Jan 18th.
I'm excited and I look forward to seeing all of you
gail shelton art
"An Evening in Greece"
January 22 6 pm
Pea Patch Gallery and Cafe
Winnfield, LA

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Scream, You Scream

"Cheers to a new year and another chance
for us to get it right."
Oprah Winfrey
Two more for the portfolio: the ice cream
shop, and a cafe in Paris. The little ice cream
shop is in Savannah, Georgia. I was there with
3 ladies that traveled with me everywhere. We
had driven all the way from Louisiana. We stayed
in Savannah a couple of days, and then went on to
I am considering going back to these two adorable
cities later this spring. The group travel company that
I use has a week long tour of both, and it is very
reasonable. It would be in May, and if any of you
would be interested, please let me know.
gail shelton art

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Happy New Year!
After eating my black eyed peas, cornbread, and
cabbage (all for good luck!), I have spent some time
today working on these designs. They will be
included in the "Eat, Drink, and be Merry" collection.
I have been to so many cafes and bistros, etc all over
the world, and I sketch and paint many of them in
my sketchbook journals. These two are from
2 different books: the Cafe was in Paris, and Stoupsey's
was in Georgetown (Washington, DC). I am working
on several more to be included in this collection.
gail shelton art

New Year, New Direction

Ever since I have turned my attention to this licensing
arena, I have been viewing my art in new ways. It is
fitting that the new year will bring about some new
I had done the little tea cup design at the very top
several years ago to sell in the shop in our tea cup
themed area. I picked it up and brought it home, and
tonight did the coordinating cup design and the other
elements to go all together. It just takes me looking
at what I already have, and putting it to the best use.
I hope that is what you will strive to do this new year
as well. Everyone always tells me, "You are so talented,
I can't do anything." But everyone is good at something,
and that is what I always tell them. So, hopefully in the
months to come, we will all try to take what we already
have and put it good use. Happy New Year!!
gail shelton art