Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Page

This is the last page I am adding to the portfolio.
I have used this design on various things: t-shirts,
prints, notecards. I have used it in connection
with a ministry that I do, speaking about the
ways that women do get stronger after some
adversity. I have made the presentation in
churches, at conventions, women's meetings,
etc. I have really enjoyed sharing with other
women the ways God has helped me to overcome
many different situations, and to view life with
enthusiasm and a postive attitude.

I still do the "teacup ministry", and if you have an
occasion where the subject would be appropriate,
feel free to contact me. I do not charge to speak.
I only ask for the opportunity to sell some of my
wares, including teacup themed items and artwork.

I will try to post while away. I hope that I have
exciting news to share.
gail shelton art
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