Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time for Class

I am still teaching my children's art classes on
Wednesday afternoons.  These two did some watercolor
and ink paintings of a branch with berries.  They are sisters,
and love to compete with each other!  But they are having fun
and hopefully learning a lot!

For info on classes, call the gallery:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's all in a Name

Oh, the blessings of family!  I am a "great Aunt" again, thanks to my
niece and her husband, and their new baby boy, Zane.  She asked me if I
would paint a sign for the baby's room with the meaning of his name.
I finished this fun project this afternoon.  It is painted in acrylic paint on
canvas in shades of pale blue, white and grey.

I will get it shipped out tomorrow and on its' way to Texas.
I hope to see baby Zane sometime soon!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Little Street Noise

I took this photo several months ago down in New Orleans.
I love the passion that this musician has...she is so "into" her
performance.  The audience loved her, and there were smiles all
around.  I knew I wanted to try to do something with it.
So I started it in watercolor, laying in a wet into wet wash in the
background.  I decided to use the opposite colors of yellow and purple,
since they are compliments.  When I took a workshop with Stephen Quiller,
he made us do a painting with only two colors, and all the variations
you could make with them. I plan to try that with this one...we'll see where it
goes from here!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Artwork Update

I had some great sales during the holidays.  This pelican is going
home to an art teacher in Alexandria, LA as soon as he is framed.

This crab is on layaway, and will decorate someone's wall soon

And this Jazz man was a special Christmas gift for someone who
had been admiring it for a long time.

And I finished this egret drawing last night, and it will be for sale up at the
gallery.  If you are close by, come in and check it out.  You might find
something that you can't live without!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to the Background

I have had a chance to do a little more drawing on this one...the
busyness of the holidays kept me away from the drawing table.
Now things are getting back to normal, and I should be able to finish
this one up soon.

I really don't like backgrounds.  But this bird would not show up
or be as dynamic without the dark background.  I wanted the contrast between
the white feathers and the dark swamp behind him, I just didn't
think about having to fill it all in!!  I will keep plugging away, and using
the Icarus board to help with the large areas of color.