Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Birds of a Feather

Here are my two photography assistants, ha!

That's Mr. Bob in the blue, and Mr. Duhe in

the red. They helped me find the birds and

scenery along Blind River, right outside of

Lutcher, LA. Mr. Duhe owns a camp along the

river, and there is no better guide or naturalist

I know of. And Mr. Bob arranged the trip for

me, and just loves to go anywhere, anytime!

So, these are my two "birds of a feather"... along

with the others pictured here.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron...they roost during

the day, and are active at night. (I can identify...
being a night person myself!)

Purple Gallinule...on a branch. This bird is usually

found on the ground, in the marshes, walking on
the lily pads. It is unusual to see them in a tree.
They have beautiful colors in their feathers. He
was stretching and preening...just taking a break.
You can see his large feet..helps him walk on the
plants on the surface of the water.

I will have several of these photos available

for sale in the gallery soon. If there is a

particular photo you are interested in, please

email or call the gallery. I am planning a

"Louisiana" show in the fall, so I will be working

on pieces from time to time in the next few

months, along with licensing projects and


Pea Patch Gallery 318-628-3560

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