Friday, May 27, 2011

Finding Machu Picchu

"On hands and knees, they crawled up a slick and steep mountain

slope in Peru the morning of July 24, 1911. Hiram Bingham III

and his companions had met two farmers that assured them that

the ruins they had heard of did in fact exist, and they were close

at hand. When Bingham finally reached the site, he gaped in

astonishment at the scene before him. Rising out of the thick

tangle of undergrowth was a maze of terraces and walls, an

Inca ghost town hidden for nearly 400 years."

A little less than a year from now, I will be making my own

discovery of the fabled Inca village, that was discovered

almost 100 years ago! I am excited about the

possibilities for some great photos, and lots of inspiration for

paintings too.

The photos and the text are from an article in a National

Geographic magazine that a friend brought to me this week.

He is originally from Costa Rica, and he is excited that a

group of us are making the trip. There is still plenty of

room, and if you are interested, please get in touch with me.

More incentive: the price will stay the same only through

May. Increases may be on the way!

Peru Trip: April 19, 2012 Non-painters welcome..

Leaving from New Orleans. 11 days

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