Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lift Off

Initial washes on the white egret..just some

blue shadows and a bill

Then I covered up all those washes and

the rest of the white bird with frisket: a

masking liquid that will save all that white

paper It has a yellow tint to it

I wet the paper, and added some

blues that mix on the paper with all the

water I added some will make

some small white flecks in the blue areas

It just adds some texture and interest

A close-up of the frisket, the wet blue

paint, and some of the salt

When it is completely dry (probably tomorrow)

I will lift off the frisket, and expose the

white unpainted paper. It rolls off, much like

rubber cement.

It was a peaceful, restful Sunday today. Late this

afternoon, I started this watercolor of an egret in

flight. I am still in the "swamp mode", and wanted

to get several pieces done for the show later in the

fall. I want to give one piece to my host down in

Blind River...he would be thrilled. So I will decide

which one he would like the best.

I am still signing people up for summer classes at

the can check out post a few days back,

or go to and click on Workshops.

Would love to have some of you come and join

us for some fun this summer.

Gallery 318-628-3560

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