Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birds, Blossoms, and Bicycles

making a little progress on this background and


the hollyhocks are still fine

The morning light on these is just right...

This time last year, my good friend and fellow
photographer Raelene, proposed we do a show
in the gallery titled: Birds, Blossoms, and Bicycles.
I supplied the birds and blossoms, and she had
lots of photos of bicycles, taken all over the world.
We sold several pieces, and the display was very

I thought about her today. We lost her last November,
and we are all still reeling from the shock. As I worked
on this bird drawing, and took some more pics of my
blooming hollyhocks, I remembered how we had
put all those elements together to form a delightful
whole. So, I rode my bicycle for some exercise this
evening, just to complete the pattern.
Here's to you, Raelene

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