Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Name of Progress

I made a lot of progress on this drawing today.

I took the time to work on it some this morning

before I went to work at the gallery, and then I

have been drawing all evening while watching

American Idol!

I really LOVE to draw, and I also love to sing,

and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the

show this season. It is always a pleasure to

witness someone doing something they love and

are passionate about.

I found this funny plaque in the Acacia catalog

today as well, and thought I would share it here:

"Wouldn't Life be Perfect if:

sweatpants were sexy,

Mondays were fun,

Junk food didn't make you fat,

Girls didn't cause so much drama,

Guys weren't so confusing,


Goodbyes only meant till tomorrow."

That is for all of you who are struggling a bit

with the whole "life" thing at the moment;

losing a beloved pet, working long hours at

your job, juggling family and career, searching

for meaning in the day to day....Hang in there.

I know it sounds cliche', but it always does

seem to manage to get better if we see it

through. And you don't ever have to do that


"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all

these things will be added unto you...allelu,


Welcome to some new followers...I am glad you

are along for the journey.

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