Saturday, May 14, 2011

Osprey Encounter

"I never for a day gave up listening

to the songs of our birds, or watching

their peculiar habits, or delineating

them in the best way that I could."

John James Audubon

I have never really seen an osprey before

this trip, and I was able to experience one

up close. We came upon this one perched

on top of this dead tree out in the middle of

Lake Martin. He let us get really close, and I

had him in my telephoto lens the whole time.

He finally flew, and I captured the moment he

took flight.

Then later in the trip, I saw another osprey

dip into Lake Marepas directly in

front of the boat, and snatch a large

fish from the water, and fly off with it.

What a treat to get to see these magnificent

birds in their habitat, and watch them living

freely and fiercely. I was reminded of

Audubon, and added his quote above.

Happy bird-watching, wherever you may be!!

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