Monday, August 29, 2016

Cafe duMonde

This is a new work in progress...a colored pencil drawing
of this man working at the Cafe Du Monde down in
New Orleans.  I took the photo several years ago when I was
at the cafe.  I had gone inside and saw him washing dishes in
the back.  I slipped over with my camera, and snapped this
shot.  I decided to include this in the Lake Charles show.  That is
if I finish it in time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On a Roll

Finished this mixed media piece last night, acrylic and
watercolor.  I photographed the turtles at the zoo, but
added the log, etc.  I love turtles for some reason.  I am not
even sure why.
Several years ago, I took a swamp tour to take some pics,
ant there were a lot of different people on the boat...some
Orientals, a few Yankees for NYC, and us.  As we rounded a
bend in the bayou, there was a log full of turtles.  They
almost fell out of the boat trying to get a picture and see them....
turtles.  I guess we see them all the time, and it is nothing special.

And this is one I am just starting...a little heron.  Again,
I saw him at the zoo.  Should finish him up soon.

The show in Lake Charles is in September.  I'll have to get all these
framed and ready....busy, busy!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Logged On

Two more mixed media pieces finished.
These are each from photos that I have taken recently.
Both of them are watercolor backgrounds and acrylic
paint on the subjects.  These have been really
fun.  I am enjoying working with the can
fix the mistakes!  With watercolor alone, it has to be right
the first is difficult to fix or change without being able
to tell.  The acrylic is similar to can fiddle with it
till you like it!  I am planning to frame these for the Lake
Charles show in September.

Pelicans Two  $250
Logged On   $250

Friday, August 19, 2016

Blue Pelican

I finished this watercolor of this pelican.  I waited for it to
dry, and then removed the masking fluid.  Then I tweaked the
pelican.  Sometimes the fluid removes some of the paint off
the paper, and it has to be touched up.  I will
mat and frame it for the Lake Charles exhibit.

Blue Pelican   15 x 22  $250

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Unexpected Treat in the Air

Yesterday, I had to travel to Shreveport, Louisiana.  It is a long two hour
drive through farmland, bayous, and rivers.  Just north of Natchitoches,
I spotted a large bird flying toward me across a field.  I knew it was too
large to be an egret.  A heron perhaps? But the white feathers finally made my
heart stop!  It was a whooping crane...fully grown and magnificent, gliding toward the
Bayou Pierre. Wow!

That probably doesn't mean much to most people. When I was growing up, these birds were on the brink of extinction.  There were
only a few left in the wild.  There was one at the San Antonio Zoo named
Rosie, and I can remember going to see her.  We knew it might be the last
one we ever saw.

Several years ago, I had the privilege of visiting down at White Lake,
where Louisiana is trying to re-introduce the breed into the
area.  It is a complex program, involving importing the chicks
from up East where there is an active breeding program, and caring
for them in the marsh until they are old enough to be released.  The workers
dress like whooping cranes to go into their enclosure, so that they do
not become familiar with humans.  They are kept in a netted area until
they can fly, and they continue to monitor them.  They have had mixed results.
Many have been killed by animals, cars, and a few have even been
shot!  Ahhh!   But they are making a slow comeback.  And yesterday proved
that!  I am sure this bird I saw was one of theirs, and that he was
banded and tracked.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to see them often
and it be an everyday experience!
Good luck beautiful birds!

These are photos I took down at White Lake.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pelican Progress

Been working on this pelican painting.  First step is to paint
the pelican in detail on the dry paper.  Then I covered him in the
masking fluid.  That has to dry completely.
When dry, I wet the paper, and added the blue washes in a splashy
style.  When that is all dry, I will peel off the masking fluid. It is
a whole lot like rubber cement.  Then I will tweak the
pelican if needed....stay tuned!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Answered Prayer

All three of these pieces are going to competitions in Texas next week.
The "Not So Angry Bird" and the "Bike Shadows" are going to Clifton
to the Bosque Conservatory show.  I just heard today that the "Wrinkle in Time"
(the rhino) is going to Irving, Texas for the National Animal Art Exhibition.
Both of these shows will be during September.  I hope to get to
the opening reception in Clifton...don't think I can make the other one.  Will
have to see.
This is all very exciting.  I have been very frustrated in the last year
or so about my art career, etc.  I finally just prayed about it, and told
God that I was essentially getting out of the way.  I was giving it all over the Him,
and if I was supposed to succeed, it would happen.  I think some of this
may be an answer!  To God be the Glory!  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stormy Day

Added the shrimp boat last night...I kinda like it.  It
will probably be in the show in Lake Charles soon.

"Stormy Day"  Mixed Media
21 x 14   $250

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Skies Have It

As a bonus for doing the inservice in Lake Charles, I
was also booked for a solo show in one of the galleries
there.  It is coming up quickly in September, about
6 weeks away.  It is a medium sized space...about 20-25

I decided I needed to do several more Louisiana subjects to be
included.  I have a lot, but need some new ones too.  I did these
skies last night, and now will add either a bird, or landscape, or
a shrimp boat...haven't decided.  I am fascinated by the sky.  I have
always wanted to do a show of just skies, and call it, "The Skies
Have It"...!~  Will post these when I am finished.

Blogging about Italy

I heard from Go Ahead Tours recently.  They wanted me to
write a blog post for their blog.  I have done this before for them.  They
like to hear about their trips, get details and descriptions, and lots
of photos.  I believe it is a great recruiting tool for them.
I finished it last night, and sent lots of photos, and pics of
my sketchbook too.  Any kind of exposure is good exposure!!
            They said it would run sometime in early September.  Will
try to post a link.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Detour Time

I had to teach a workshop in Lake Charles today, so on the
way back, I did a detour through the wetlands area
of the state.  I drove all the way to Cameron, which is
right on the coast.  The photos of the shrimp boats are
from Cameron.  It is a launching port for them.  The bird
photos are from a nature preserve that is on Highway 27.
Fun day...great time getting to know more parts of

Sunday, August 7, 2016

On the Vine

Ever since I found out that there is an operating vineyard
near us, I have been wanting to go and take photos of the grapes.
We grow a few grapes on an arbor in our yard, and I
mean "a few".  But I wanted to get the chance to see
lots of them, and have some shots to choose from.  So,
yesterday after work, I drove up toward West Monroe, and
found Landry Vineyards, on the old Natchitoches highway.

It is not a large place, but quite nice.  They have a gift shop
and tasting room inside, and a large gathering area outside under
a covered patio.  There were only a few people had been
raining off and on all day.  I got out and asked permission to go out
into the vineyard, and they said yes.

It was pretty wet, but I wandered among the vines, searching for the
areas that had not yet been harvested.  I found quite a few of the
dark purple, or almost blue grapes.  I don't know anything about them
(someone will have to comment and tell me what they are).  But I
finally did a scripture photo using one of the results.  I will do a couple
more with a few other scriptures I have been waiting to use till
I had some grape photos...yay!!

I leave in the morning to go to Lake Charles and do a teacher
inservice on colored pencil for 60 Art teachers on Tuesday morning.
It will be a blast...and I
will try to post the event.