Sunday, August 7, 2016

On the Vine

Ever since I found out that there is an operating vineyard
near us, I have been wanting to go and take photos of the grapes.
We grow a few grapes on an arbor in our yard, and I
mean "a few".  But I wanted to get the chance to see
lots of them, and have some shots to choose from.  So,
yesterday after work, I drove up toward West Monroe, and
found Landry Vineyards, on the old Natchitoches highway.

It is not a large place, but quite nice.  They have a gift shop
and tasting room inside, and a large gathering area outside under
a covered patio.  There were only a few people had been
raining off and on all day.  I got out and asked permission to go out
into the vineyard, and they said yes.

It was pretty wet, but I wandered among the vines, searching for the
areas that had not yet been harvested.  I found quite a few of the
dark purple, or almost blue grapes.  I don't know anything about them
(someone will have to comment and tell me what they are).  But I
finally did a scripture photo using one of the results.  I will do a couple
more with a few other scriptures I have been waiting to use till
I had some grape photos...yay!!

I leave in the morning to go to Lake Charles and do a teacher
inservice on colored pencil for 60 Art teachers on Tuesday morning.
It will be a blast...and I
will try to post the event.

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