Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crazy Bird Lady

This little guy left the nest today, and is on the ground in my yard.
I really like his "bad hair", and his huge feet!

Here is the nest on my wreath on the front door.  This is the last one
to leave today...the other three already "flew the coop"

This one is sitting on his sibling...can you see him under him?  You can
make out his beak...he's being squished

He looks so scared...!
I couldn't resist posting this one too...this was a group several
years ago.  Love this shot

The mother bird giving them a treat!

And this is a baby bluebird from awhile ago as well.
Just thought I would include him.

I know there are "crazy cat ladies"....but I guess I am a
"crazy bird lady".  I love watching the birds around my
home.  The little mockingbirds just left the nest this morning;
I have been watching them for the last two weeks.
This is the third batch of babies we have had on the front
door.  It gives us a really special view of them.

Anyway, I love to photograph them, and do a lot of artwork of
birds.  I think because they are very accessible and easy to photograph,
they end up in my drawings and paintings.  Hope you enjoy looking at
them, and they bring a smile to your face!

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