Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On a Roll

Finished this mixed media piece last night, acrylic and
watercolor.  I photographed the turtles at the zoo, but
added the log, etc.  I love turtles for some reason.  I am not
even sure why.
Several years ago, I took a swamp tour to take some pics,
ant there were a lot of different people on the boat...some
Orientals, a few Yankees for NYC, and us.  As we rounded a
bend in the bayou, there was a log full of turtles.  They
almost fell out of the boat trying to get a picture and see them....
turtles.  I guess we see them all the time, and it is nothing special.

And this is one I am just starting...a little heron.  Again,
I saw him at the zoo.  Should finish him up soon.

The show in Lake Charles is in September.  I'll have to get all these
framed and ready....busy, busy!!

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