Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black, White, and Red Birds

Finished this 11 x 14 canvas tonight...gesso on burlap with hand
lettering.  My lettering is certainly not perfect...but that's
what makes it charming?!  I really like the saying...kind of a
twist on "Bloom where you are Planted".

And these two are the last small canvases that I finished
last night.  These have already been sprayed with the sealer.

And I also finished this canvas.  I painted the black
acrylic over the gesso, and then the white lettering.  Again,
the letters are far from perfect...but I like the
saying as well.

These will all be for sale at the Pea Patch Gallery
and Cafe.  The small canvases are $25 each,
and the large lettered ones are $40.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Birds and Blooms

Still working on a few of these small canvases.  These
are 4 inches square and an inch deep.  I added the texture on
them first, and painted a background color.  Then I layered a couple
of colors over the background color, blending  it in some places.
I painted the egrets and the sunflowers then in acrylic, and I will
spray them with a sealer.
They are for sale; this size is $25.  The larger ones are $35, and $50
each.  I painted them in pairs, and you can buy them separately or
together. I can also ship if you would be interested.
These make great gifts, and I will do some more before Christmas. If
there is something in particular you would like,
just let me know.