Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tile Trio

These are 3 more of those tile collages. They have
the round magnets stuck on them, too. They are
about 12 inches square, and can be used like a memo
board. They are kinda funky and fun. At least I am
making a dent in the pile of old ceiling tile I have!
Vintage Ceiling Tile Memo Boards $25.00 each

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


These are the collages I finished with the images
I printed last night. It is hard to make out the
details, but I really like how they turned out.


Busy day today...I worked at the shop, framing
and selling stuff. I did some printing for my
ongoing portfolio project. And then tonight, I
played around with some of these Greek images,
carvings, frescoes, etc. I printed them, and will
use them in some collages.
I was thinking about how important the computer
is to almost everything I do now. And when I graduated
from college, there was really no such thing. (I am showing
my age..) anyway, I really enjoy using it, and it does
make a lot of this art stuff easier. I can change a design
with the touch of a button, instead of doing it all by
hand. And I can print multiple images, and use them
in lots of different ways. Multi-tasking...I do it, and the
computer does it too!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Window to the World

Nice window photo from Naphlio, Greece. I
knew it would be one that I would like to paint.
There's one of the early progress, and then the
finished watercolor. It is on a full sheet of paper,
22 x 30, but I will crop it some (as shown). Will
be for sale...anyone interested, let me know.
My printer let me know the large giclee' prints
of six of my photographs are ready, and I will
be picking them up this week. Can't wait to see
them. They are 30 x 40 and printed on canvas.
If you are interested in having a photo printed
on canvas, I can give you his contact info. He
does a great job.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Color Option

Been working on this Christmas shirt. This

is one color option. If printed on a lime green

shirt, the green areas would not have to be

ink. I would probably use the brown a few

other places: the lion's nose, the sheep's face

and feet, and the outside outline. Let me know

what you think.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grapes of Greece

I finished this watercolor of some grapes I
saw in Greece. I posted some of the steps
1. The photograph itself/ taken near the
town of Naphlio, down a country road
near our hotel
2. Step One/ After drawing the outline,
I masked out the white areas. Then I wet
the paper and added some washes that ran
and mixed together
3. Washes/Glazing I added the grapes and leaves
in washes on dry paper, building up form
4. Final Details/ I added the darks last and a few
I will add the mats and finish this up in a frame.
This painting, along with some photos and other
artwork, will be for sale in the gallery as part of
the "A Greek Odyssey" show.
I have heard from a few of you about the Christmas
t-shirt..most of you like the lion. I will continue to
work on that design. Thanks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greek Collages

After I finished laughing at the cats and
the "bug", if did these two Greek collages.
They are magnetic, having a vintage ceiling
tile in the center. I used some of my photography,
and some copies of old Greek stamps that I
bought while there. The magnets that I had
done will go with these little memo boards.
Greek Collage Memo Board
$25.00 each Several designs available

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What "bugs" you?

I had a fun time this afternoon, introducing
my three amigos, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, to
an electronic bug that Monday's Child (the toy
booth in my shop) is selling. It runs, spins, whirls
around, flips, etc, and will make you laugh out loud.
I thought they would enjoy chasing it. Actually, they
didn't know what to think. They were really intrigued,
but were not too anxious to get very close to it.
At least they didn't bite it, and get a shock! too funny
Hex Bug battery powered robot bug

T Shirt Time

These are two sketches for the Christmas
t shirt this year. Let me know which one
you like the best. I can do a colored shirt,
but these would really look best on a white
shirt. I like the lion, but it doesn't look very
"Christmasy". Maybe I can work with the
colors...maybe add a holiday border? Will
keep working till I am satisfied! perfectionism..
such a burden!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Studio Time

My recent remodeling job in the studio at
the Pea Patch is finished. It feels so good to
get it all done and in place.
I started with the floor, and painted a rug
design directly onto the old linoleum floor. There
was already a lot of paint on the floor, and I didn't
want to put down a real rug or carpet that would
only get paint on it too. So, I painted the rug, and
then sealed it with polyurethane. The new tables
and chairs finish off that space. (these are the
smaller children's set; we have larger ones for the
My new desk is lit up by the antique gas light that
my father had in his office back in San Antonio. I had
the electrician re-wire it, and hang it from the tall
The storage cabinets house some of my many art
books and some supplies. And the 3 computer cabinets
hide the computers I use to teach some computer
graphics classes.
I am pleased how it all turned out. Hopefully, I can
keep it clean and organized....a real struggle for us
right-brained people. If you are in town, stop by the
shop and I will give you a studio tour!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zeus to You

Working on another Greece photo collage
using this Zeus just says, "Greek"
to me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fishing Boats

I just printed this photo of some fishing boats
in Greece. It will be in the upcoming show.
I am still printing cards, and doing some watercolor
painting too.
I had a winner in the column contest. Patrick
answered correctly, and was the first responder
(this morning at 7 am!). I will be sending him
a set of the column design cards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Column Contest

Another Greek design on a card. How about
a contest? The first person to email me and
list the 3 types of Greek columns, and tell me
which one this is, will win a set of these cards!
(4 with the envelopes). On your mark, go!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Cards...

Having too much fun doing these cards...
I went to bed at 2 am last night!!
These have some of my photos that I
digitized (is that a word?!), printed, and
then collaged onto the card with other
papers. still working on some more...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a Note

More Greek cards..that is the set of the 4
photo ones. I took all of the photos on the
island of Mykonos. I really like the blue and
white color scheme on the island.
The collage ones were really fun. Some of the
papers are glittery, and I added some puffy paint.
They are all 5 inches square, and come with the
envelopes. I think I will give one away this month.
We are starting to arrange and rearrange the shop
for the show and the upcoming downtown Christmas
Open House...which will be November 11. We have
to make room for all of the new merchandise that
I ordered at market that will be arriving soon. I hope
to have the show up by November 1st.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Greece Notes

I have been working on these note cards for the
Greece show. There are the photo ones with
blue and white scenes from Mykonos; the set
includes 1 card and envelope of each design.
And the other cards are mixed media collages.
I am still playing around with them, and may
just sell them individually.
I am back from the Gift Market in Dallas. I saw
lots of neat ideas and artwork. I am inspired to
do lots more of my license designs, because one
day, I hope to see some of my work on some of
those products!
I finished reading, "The Last Lecture" by Randy
Pausch. I am sure most of you are familiar with
this wonderful legacy left by this incredible man.
He talks a great deal in the book about childhood
dreams. It made me think of my own dreams, and
the goals I have always had, for my personal life,
and my art career. I have been so blessed to have achieved
many of those dreams, some even beyond my wildest
ones. But the art dreams still remain unfulfilled in
a lot of ways. So, I will continue to try reaching for
them. And hopefully will see some progress soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gone to Market

Because I own the shop, and I have to
stock it with some merchandise (other
than my artwork?!), I go to Gift Market
at least once a year. I am in Dallas now
for the last market before Christmas. It
is a smaller market, not nearly as crowded,
and fewer showrooms are open. I bought
jewelry today. This is one of my favorite
showrooms: I
bought lots of jewelry in there today...some
pearl cluster neclaces, fleur de lis earrings,
bracelets, and neclaces, and some turquoise.
Another jewelry dealer I like is:
something about the word, PINK....check them

Friday, September 10, 2010

Magnet in the Round

I orderd these round magnets today to go with the
Greece artwork. I have done some collages on the
old metal tiles, and these magnets will go with them.
There will be some extras for sale, too.
I used Zazzle; it is the first time I have used them.
I am not sure of the quality, so I did not order many.
But I can always re-order. If anyone has used them,
and has some feedback, let me know. thanks!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whatever Floats Your Boat

I have a colleague that enlarges some of my photos
and prints them on canvas. I am preparing some
of the Greek photos to send to him. These are
two that I am considering. Who doesn't love
water and boats?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

900 and Counting

Wow, this is my 900th post! I am glad some
of you have been following along all this time.
I hope to do at least 900 more :)
These are the three entries for the upcoming
Blossom II Art of Flowers competition to be held
in Houston later this year. September 30th is the
deadline, and they are taking digital entries this
year. There is no limit to the number of entries,
but I thought that three would be sufficient.
These pieces are all done in colored pencil on
Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. All of these
are flowers in my yard: the hollyhocks bloomed
after they had been planted 3 years; my daughter
planted the "Texas" yellow roses; and the tulip
magnolia tree is still really small after many years
in the ground, but it is the first to bloom every spring.
If anyone is interested in entering the show, go to:
entry procedure. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Botanical Blue

I finally got back to this watercolor, and
finished it up tonight. The top photo has the
masking fluid still on the paper, and the second
pouring of the liquid paint. Then I removed the
masking fluid (it just rolls off like rubber cement).
And I finished up with some direct painting of the
berries, leaves and fluffy blooms. It will be matted
and framed, and will hang in the Greek art show
coming soon.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Merry Time at Mary Mac's

I don't often post pics of food...but there
was a real "art" to where we shared a meal
while in Atlanta. This is Mary Mac's Tea Room,
located on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Midtown.
The restaurant was started by Mary McKinsey
in 1945, and has been serving Southern favorites
ever since. It was wrapped up, but we were seated
and served quickly, and the food was scrumptious.
You fill out your own menu card and the waitress
returns with your selections, hot and delicious.
That's some fried chicken strips, sweet potato
casserole, hopping john (peas and rice) and
some shrimp and grits, fried okra, and creamed
corn...yum. There are over 30 side orders to choose
from: fried green tomatoes, butter beans, turnip
greens, etc. And they bring a bread basket with
yeast rolls, cornbread, and homemade cinnamon
rolls (which they also sell by the dozen!) Can you
tell I really enjoyed it? If you are ever in town, make
sure you will be glad you did!