Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Busy day today...I worked at the shop, framing
and selling stuff. I did some printing for my
ongoing portfolio project. And then tonight, I
played around with some of these Greek images,
carvings, frescoes, etc. I printed them, and will
use them in some collages.
I was thinking about how important the computer
is to almost everything I do now. And when I graduated
from college, there was really no such thing. (I am showing
my age..) anyway, I really enjoy using it, and it does
make a lot of this art stuff easier. I can change a design
with the touch of a button, instead of doing it all by
hand. And I can print multiple images, and use them
in lots of different ways. Multi-tasking...I do it, and the
computer does it too!
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