Monday, September 13, 2010

Greece Notes

I have been working on these note cards for the
Greece show. There are the photo ones with
blue and white scenes from Mykonos; the set
includes 1 card and envelope of each design.
And the other cards are mixed media collages.
I am still playing around with them, and may
just sell them individually.
I am back from the Gift Market in Dallas. I saw
lots of neat ideas and artwork. I am inspired to
do lots more of my license designs, because one
day, I hope to see some of my work on some of
those products!
I finished reading, "The Last Lecture" by Randy
Pausch. I am sure most of you are familiar with
this wonderful legacy left by this incredible man.
He talks a great deal in the book about childhood
dreams. It made me think of my own dreams, and
the goals I have always had, for my personal life,
and my art career. I have been so blessed to have achieved
many of those dreams, some even beyond my wildest
ones. But the art dreams still remain unfulfilled in
a lot of ways. So, I will continue to try reaching for
them. And hopefully will see some progress soon!
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