Friday, September 24, 2010

Grapes of Greece

I finished this watercolor of some grapes I
saw in Greece. I posted some of the steps
1. The photograph itself/ taken near the
town of Naphlio, down a country road
near our hotel
2. Step One/ After drawing the outline,
I masked out the white areas. Then I wet
the paper and added some washes that ran
and mixed together
3. Washes/Glazing I added the grapes and leaves
in washes on dry paper, building up form
4. Final Details/ I added the darks last and a few
I will add the mats and finish this up in a frame.
This painting, along with some photos and other
artwork, will be for sale in the gallery as part of
the "A Greek Odyssey" show.
I have heard from a few of you about the Christmas
t-shirt..most of you like the lion. I will continue to
work on that design. Thanks!
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