Wednesday, September 8, 2010

900 and Counting

Wow, this is my 900th post! I am glad some
of you have been following along all this time.
I hope to do at least 900 more :)
These are the three entries for the upcoming
Blossom II Art of Flowers competition to be held
in Houston later this year. September 30th is the
deadline, and they are taking digital entries this
year. There is no limit to the number of entries,
but I thought that three would be sufficient.
These pieces are all done in colored pencil on
Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. All of these
are flowers in my yard: the hollyhocks bloomed
after they had been planted 3 years; my daughter
planted the "Texas" yellow roses; and the tulip
magnolia tree is still really small after many years
in the ground, but it is the first to bloom every spring.
If anyone is interested in entering the show, go to:
entry procedure. Wish me luck!
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