Monday, September 20, 2010

Studio Time

My recent remodeling job in the studio at
the Pea Patch is finished. It feels so good to
get it all done and in place.
I started with the floor, and painted a rug
design directly onto the old linoleum floor. There
was already a lot of paint on the floor, and I didn't
want to put down a real rug or carpet that would
only get paint on it too. So, I painted the rug, and
then sealed it with polyurethane. The new tables
and chairs finish off that space. (these are the
smaller children's set; we have larger ones for the
My new desk is lit up by the antique gas light that
my father had in his office back in San Antonio. I had
the electrician re-wire it, and hang it from the tall
The storage cabinets house some of my many art
books and some supplies. And the 3 computer cabinets
hide the computers I use to teach some computer
graphics classes.
I am pleased how it all turned out. Hopefully, I can
keep it clean and organized....a real struggle for us
right-brained people. If you are in town, stop by the
shop and I will give you a studio tour!
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