Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have made it back into the states, and
I am almost home. This is the home of
the famous Minoan king whose palace
was compared to a labyrinth (thus the
story of the Minotaur, etc). We toured this
location on the island of Crete during our
cruise. I really wanted to see the famous
frescoes (wall paintings) that are here, and
that I had studied in art history. The ones
that are on display in the ruins are copies,
but they still looked great to me! The actual
ones are on display in the museum. Even
though these are thousands of years old, they
actually look very contemporary; they could
be for sale in an art gallery today.
I especially liked the dolphin fresco. It decorated
the wall of the queen's bedroom...I wouldn't mind
waking up to those every day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Travel time

I am going to be leaving in the morning
to return to the States. So, this will be
my last post from Greece. I will post
some of my artwork, etc when I get
home and get organized, and unpacked!

It has been a pleasure to share Greece with
all of you as it unfolded to me. I hope you
have enjoyed the journey as well.

"not all who wander are lost"

Garden Delights

I posted a page from the sketchbook the
other day with small paintings of some
fruits and veggies. These are the photos
I had taken of the plants. Most of these
were just a short walk down from the hotel
where we stayed in Naphlio. Some I am
familiar with, and others, I haven't a clue.
Maybe some of you know. Such variety.

Down by the Seashore

Who doesn't love the ocean...the sound of the
waves, the cool breezes, the sites and sounds of
boats and sea birds. We have spent a lot of time
near the water on this trip, and I have taken lots
of photos. Most of these are from Patra and
Corfu. Most of the beaches are not very sandy,
more rocky, with smooth round stones mixed
with the sand. I always enjoy seeing the sun
set (or rise a couple of mornings) over the ocean.
In the "paint the window" project, the one with
the blooming bouganvilla is in the lead. I will
be home on Wed of this week, and I will paint
one to be given away to a follower. Thanks for

Bazaar Turkey

After we left the ruins, we spent some time
in the shopping area, or what we could call
the Turkish bazaar. There were lots of hand
made rugs, jewelry, those belly dancing outfits!,
and of course you could have your picture
taken on the camel. I spent way too much on
some jewelry to re-sell in my shop, but it was
beautiful. The shopkeepers here were very
aggresive, and wanted you to buy their goods.
I did my best!


Our next stop on the cruise was Turkey,
and we stopped at the port of Kudashi.
This is the location of the ancient city of
Ephesus. It was thrilling to think we
were walking where the apostle Paul
walked. These are some of the best preserved
ruins in this part of the world. The largest
building was the library, and it looks like
something from a movie set...awesome.
There were a couple of the mosaic floors
still intact, too. Our guide was very proud
of her heritage and enjoyed sharing her
knowledge with us. She encouraged us to
tell others about this archealogical site and
urge them to come and visit. We did sense
a real need everywhere for tourism dollars...
I did my part to boost the economy! favorite

Our first stop on the cruise was the island of
Mykonos. We arrived late in the afternoon,
and the light was just great. We did a walking
tour of the town, and there was a charming
photo op on every corner. I would love to get
to come back here someday and stay awhile.
It is best known for the windmills that were
used to grind grain. They are no longer operating,
but they are a big tourist draw.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We are on the cruise ship now, making stops at
a few of the islands. We stopped at Mykonos yesterday
evening, and it has been one of my favorite places so far.
White-washed buildings with blue shutters and roofs..
charming. We did a walking tour of the town, and took
lots of photos. I spent some time sketching before we
had to get back on the boat.
This is the island that has the old windmills on it that
were used for grinding grain. I already did a couple of
paintings of them and the boats in the harbor with all
the pretty little white buildings. There were also lots
of beautiful people on this is kind of a hang-out
for the young and rich. Onassis is said to have stayed
here alot on his yacht, and many celebrities come here.
I think I could stay here and paint for about a month!!
Go to the website and you
can see some photos of Mykonos
or just google it, and there are some good ones.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketchbook Pages

I haven't been posting much of my
here are a couple of pages from the sketchbook
that I keep during the trip.
The little pen and ink sketch was the view as
we were eating one night. We stopped at the
little fruit stand, and that is the string of garlic
that was there. Those are the columns from
Olympia, and the top page is fruits and flowers
that I saw while in the town of Nauphlio. (my
spelling, not theirs!)

Rocks and Lions

More rocks...these are from ancient Mycenae,
the home of the mythological Agamemnon
and his kingdom. That is the famous Lion
Gate, that I studied so much in art history.
Our guide did tell us the heads of the lions
would have been decorated with stones and
gold, and so they were stolen long ago. The
location of this fortress is high atop a formidable
hill, as you can see by the views down into the
valley. Early explorers that found these structures
thought they had been built by the legendary
"Cyclops" because they found baby elephant
skulls that had a large hole where the trunk would
have been, and used their imagination!
That is the gold Agamemnon's burial mask (that
is actually a copy, we say the real one in Athens
today). And then that is the theatre at Epidovros,
the best preserved Greek theatre. They still use it
for theatre festivals every year, and it is said to
have perfect acoustics when it is filled to capacity.
And we think we are so smart...

Dessert Intermission

I thought I would break up photos of lots
of rocks, etc, with some yummy pics of favorite! There is lots of gelato
here, brownies with ice cream, and baked
goodies like baklava. ummm