Friday, June 18, 2010

Meteora day 4

I am up at 6:30 am blogging...most of you know
I am not a morning person. Something about the
time difference, or maybe my excitement about
the day's sites to see.
These pics are from our day in Meteora. The kitten
was napping on my stroll through the town of
Kalambaka, which is where we stayed. It was
a charming town, and I enjoyed walking all through
Then there are the photos of the holy Meteora region.
It is so hard to describe. There are these huge rocks,
results of erosion, that loom over the landscape, and
look other worldly. And miraculously, perched on top
of these bizarre rock formations, are these ancient
buildings: monasteries built by the monks in the
17th century or so. There are six altogether, and we
toured 2, currently run as convents by Greek Orthodox
nuns. fascinating. You must climb a number of
steps to get there, and all of the supplies, building
materials, etc were brought up by ropes, pullies,
baskets. unbelievable
The chapels are decorated with frescoes or paintings
of the life of Christ. The nuns rise at 4:30 to the
sound of someone tapping on the long wooden board
that is supposed to imitate the sounds aboard the
Ark. The Ark is a symbol of refuge and salvation,
and they feel that is their life as well. They pray for
four hours, then do the work of the convent for the
rest of the day until the afternoon prayers, again for
four hours. amazing devotion, so humbling to me
I am resizing the photos so they can load faster. I
know they look small...hopefully you can click on
them to enlarge some. We are off to do a walking
tour of Corfu this morning, and I will post some
pics tonight of this beautiful city.

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