Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rocks and Lions

More rocks...these are from ancient Mycenae,
the home of the mythological Agamemnon
and his kingdom. That is the famous Lion
Gate, that I studied so much in art history.
Our guide did tell us the heads of the lions
would have been decorated with stones and
gold, and so they were stolen long ago. The
location of this fortress is high atop a formidable
hill, as you can see by the views down into the
valley. Early explorers that found these structures
thought they had been built by the legendary
"Cyclops" because they found baby elephant
skulls that had a large hole where the trunk would
have been, and used their imagination!
That is the gold Agamemnon's burial mask (that
is actually a copy, we say the real one in Athens
today). And then that is the theatre at Epidovros,
the best preserved Greek theatre. They still use it
for theatre festivals every year, and it is said to
have perfect acoustics when it is filled to capacity.
And we think we are so smart...
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