Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting Day

Today was the day that the artists from
the Garden Tour held in Shreveport were
invited to come and sell their work at the
Master Gardener's meeting. It was held at
the Randle T. Moore center, and we were
able to set up in a room next to the meeting.
The gardener's came in and "shopped" during
and after the meeting. I did well, and it was
a good promotional event.
My two colleagues, Judy Horne and Karen
Harrington were also there. Judy paints with
watercolors, and also does painted glassware.
Her husband, Bob, is a photographer, and they
do a lot of shows together. She told me that they
just set up as part of the set of the TV series,
"The Gates" that is filming in Shreveport. There
was an art fair in the script, and they paid them to
set up their booths! We will all have to try and
watch it. She said it was episode 1 and 6. I will
have to set my tivo!
Karen just recently moved and she has a studio
at her home. She teaches and travels too. She
does a lot of shows, and has a lot of her work in
print. She does big, bright splashy watercolors of
lots of Louisiana subjects. Her website is: Check it out.
Still packing and getting ducks in a row ....Greece
here I come!
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