Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meteora Today

I cannot add any pics today either...rats!
I tried to upload some from the internet
just to show you where we have been,
but all the directions when you right click
are in Greek...and if you know anything
about the Greek alphabet, it is undecipherable.

Today we drove from Delphi up to Meteora.
We passed ancient olive groves where the
trees were 1000 years old. The trunks become
knarled and full of holes...very weathered, but
they still produce olives and they say the oil
gets better with age. interesting.

The Meteora region is fascinating. There are
these giant cliffs and rocks, and there are these
convents and monasteries built on top of them;
it is unbelievable. The first one we toured today
was built in the 1600's, right on top of this cliff.
They had to bring everything up with ropes,
pullies, and baskets. All the building materials,
supplies, was incredible. The chapel itself
was very small, but like all Greek Orthodox churches,
highly decorated inside with frescoes depicting the
life of Christ.
The second one we visited was newer; it had been
rebuilt after the Germans bombed the area in WWII.

We are on the way to Corfu tomorrow. Hope to update
with pics from there.

Google Delphi and Meteora online and see some photos
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