Monday, June 21, 2010

Window to the Soul

I am always intrigued by windows. They
usually make charming subjects to paint.
These are just a sampling of the many I
have seen so far.
Several are in the town of Corfu, and I
commented to the guide that it looked a
great deal like the French Quarter in New
Orleans, or very much like Venice. The
Venetians controlled Corfu for awhile, and
I guess that is where the influence is from.
The stone wall and the little lace curtain one
are from villages along the way, and look like
they could be Middle Eastern and Alpine...
lots of influences here I think!
If you will let me know your favorite one,
I will paint one when I return, and give it
away to a follower of the blog. So, sign up to be
a follower, vote for your favorite window to be
painted, and you could be the lucky winner!
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