Monday, June 21, 2010

Shoppers Anonymous

If I have talked about food, then I must also
talk about shopping. I might have been born
to shop. And there are many places here to
do just that, and many interesting things to
buy. The last photo is "worry beads" which are
everywhere. All of the old men carry these
constantly, and click them and slide them, etc.
I don't really know what they are so worried
about...(maybe the economy?!) The pottery
with the figurines look just like the originals
that I studied about in art history. They all tell
a story from mythology or relate some historical
event. Kinda like "wikipedia in clay". Then there
are rugs, cute little puppets, and of course, jewelry.
The shop at the top was in Corfu, and I wandered in
after lunch. There was very unusual jewelry there, and
I met the owner, an artist who made some of the pieces
in the shop. I bought several, and she admired my
sketchbook and paintings. She loved one of some olive
trees, and I told her I would paint her one. And we
agreed she could pay for it in earrings! Her shop is
called Aiopa.
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