Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have made it back into the states, and
I am almost home. This is the home of
the famous Minoan king whose palace
was compared to a labyrinth (thus the
story of the Minotaur, etc). We toured this
location on the island of Crete during our
cruise. I really wanted to see the famous
frescoes (wall paintings) that are here, and
that I had studied in art history. The ones
that are on display in the ruins are copies,
but they still looked great to me! The actual
ones are on display in the museum. Even
though these are thousands of years old, they
actually look very contemporary; they could
be for sale in an art gallery today.
I especially liked the dolphin fresco. It decorated
the wall of the queen's bedroom...I wouldn't mind
waking up to those every day.
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